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Previewing the season: Brooke Haney

Zac, Johnny, and Boone Santa. This is pretty great.




With the season approaching I thought it would be fun to reach out to some different personalities covering college football and/or former Oklahoma State athletes to have them do a quick Q&A on this year.

There won’t be anything super in-depth but you’ll see some familiar names and some pretty humorous answers. Next up, the wife of ESPN (and former Oklahoman) writer, Travis Haney, Brooke Haney (he answered yesterday and wrote me with hers as well). She’s hilarious and a great follow on Twitter here:

1. Non-con opponent you’d like to see OSU play: Alabama (As payback for taking our spot in 2011).

2. One word to describe Mike Gundy: Quirky

3. Favorite OSU uni combo: Blackout/Phantom Pete.

4. You get three former or current players/coaches to round out your golfing foursome: Manziel for “entertainment”; Weeden; Zac Robinson and Kliff for “eye candy.”

5. What does the OSU football program do better than every other Big 12 program: Our kicking game is strong (laughing).

6. Who is the most talented football player currently at OSU: “What’s the running back’s name? (Roland) Him.”

7. Most memorable OSU game of the Gundy Era: We both agree Fiesta. Significant to get there, more significant to find a way to win it against a really consistent program from the past decade or so.

8. One word to describe Glenn Spencer: “We’re better. That isn’t a word, but … improving?”

9. Boone Pickens is ___________: Santa

10. 2014 OSU Record prediction: (She looks at schedule, forgets what she’s doing and starts obsessing about what games she wants to go to.) 8-4. She has losses to FSU, TT, Texas and OU.

Big thanks to Brooke and Travis — America’s favorite football family.

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Photo Attribution: Getty Images

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