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Previewing the season: Peter Uihlein

His favorite Gundy Era game was against Kansas State and I think you’ll like which non-con opponent he wants OSU to play.




With the season approaching I thought it would be fun to reach out to some different personalities covering college football and/or former Oklahoma State athletes to have them do a quick Q&A on this year.

There won’t be anything super in-depth but you’ll see some familiar names and some pretty humorous answers. First up, the 120th-ranked golfer in the world, Peter Uihlein.

1. Non-con opponent you’d like to see OSU play: Ohio State

2. One word to describe Mike Gundy: 40

3. Favorite OSU uni combo: I love the all black with the ghost black-looking Pete logo. That was awesome.

4. You get three former or current players/coaches to round out your golfing foursome:Cate, Weeden and ZRob.

5. What does the OSU football program do better than every other Big 12 program: Score a lot of points.

6. Who is the most talented football player currently at OSU: Tyreek Hill, he will be exciting to watch.

7. Most memorable OSU game of the Gundy Era: Beating K-State at home.

I think that was this game…

8. One word to describe Glenn Spencer: Entertaining

9. 2014 OSU Record prediction: 8-4

Big thanks to Peter for getting us rolling on this.

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Photo Attribution: Getty Images

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