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Previewing the season: Travis Haney

ESPN college football writer Travis Haney stops by to answer some questions I have about OSU and this season.



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With the season approaching I thought it would be fun to reach out to some different personalities covering college football and/or former Oklahoma State athletes to have them do a quick Q&A on this year.

There won’t be anything super in-depth but you’ll see some familiar names and some pretty humorous answers. Next up, ESPN (and former Oklahoman) writer, Travis Haney.[1. His wife will be answering these in another post.] You can check out his stuff on ESPN and follow him on Twitter here:

1. Non-con opponent you’d like to see OSU play: Oregon (Brooke:[1. His wife.] “Oregon vs Oregon Lite?” Yes.)

2. One word to describe Mike Gundy: (hair) gel.

3. Favorite OSU uni combo: I do like the silver/gray.

4. You get three former or current players/coaches to round out your golfing foursome: Dana, Johnny, Leach. I won’t remember it, but I’m sure it was fun.

5. What does the OSU football program do better than every other Big 12 program: Seems to me as if it is now losing that “little brother,” have-not tag. It believes it belongs. I guess Baylor is doing that too. But, to answer frankly, it is overachieving relative to history.

6. Who is the most talented football player currently at OSU: Dez! Oh. Current. Man, this question is harder than it has been in a long, long time. I’ll bet on the unknown and say Hill. I’m bought in.

7. Most memorable OSU game of the Gundy Era: We both agree Fiesta. Significant to get there, more significant to find a way to win it against a really consistent program from the past decade or so.

8. One word to describe Glenn Spencer: Underrated. Popular response, I am sure, but he is. Running D’s in tempo programs is really, really tough.

9. Boone Pickens is ___________: Energy Money Touchdown Jesus

10. 2014 OSU Record prediction: 6-7. Not pretty but some signs of hope for future, Hill being a big one. Those last 4 games could be rough, though.

Big thanks to Travis for doing this and best of luck to him and Brooke (whose interview will go up tomorrow) on their move to Austin. Oh, and if you ever meet him, ask about round of golf with the OBC.

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