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OSU’s QB recruiting rankings

A look at the rankings of the main three QBs OSU has been pursuing.



OSU has been recruiting, more or less, three quarterbacks for next year’s class: Kyle Allen, David Cornwell, and Mason Rudolph. All three will be seniors this fall (kind of) and all three are considered pretty big time recruits. They lost Allen on Tuesday to A&M, got Rudolph on Wednesday, and Cornwell is still undecided.

All three are also considered pro-style QBs. Here’s a look at where all three rank at the big three recruiting sites in the pro-style QB category:


Allen – 5
Cornwell -1
Rudolph – 8


Allen – 1
Cornwell – 3
Rudolph – 17


Allen – 4
Cornwell – 1
Rudolph – 22

Pretty interesting, right? ESPN has all three bunched really close together while 247 and Rivals have some separation from Rudolph and the others.

I honestly don’t care which one of these guys OSU got as long as they just got one of them to fill in the Wes Lunt slot for 2014. As it turns out, Rudolph was the guy and that’s just fine with me.

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