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Questions After Stanford/Oregon



There’s a ten car pileup trailing LSU and Oklahoma State and I have a lot of questions.

Not the least of which is, “who’s the Heisman frontrunner?”

You guys know I’ve been pumping #3 pretty hard the last few months and with Luck’s pair of pick sixes tonight in an absolute rout, it finally seems like the floodgates have finally broken and LaMichael, Landry, Richardson, Weeden, and Keenum are all within striking distance.

Let’s say OSU wins out and Weeden goes something like 60-83 for 685 and 7 over these last two games. He’d finish the year with over 4,000 yards and nearly 40 TDs. That has to at least put you in the top two or three, right?

Luck was mostly unimpressive in his grand opportunity to tuck the bronze statue in the crook of his arm and run away with it. He bounced his feet all night, made terrible decisions, and overthrew pretty much everybody on his roster.

I’m not saying he’s a terrible QB. Au contraire, I think he’s terrific. But for this season, on this day, Weeden looked like the far better collegiate player (and yes, I know Oregon > TTU).

Stanford was badly exposed as a pretty good team with a pretty great QB that has simply played a pretty bad schedule thus far. Oregon is probably a top five team but Stanford was never really in that game. For OSU’s sake I wish they’d sneaked by the Ducks and backdoored into the title game because the Cowboys would have buried them.

Oregon vs. OSU, on the other hand, would be an extremely entertaining game. Both teams are light years from where they were when they played in the ’08 Holiday Bowl. Oregon because they’ve become more and more of who they were then, and OSU because, well, mostly because they have the best QB in the country and back then they had the 14th or 19th best QB in the country.

Speaking of the best team in the country, the formula the rest of the way is pretty simple:

If OSU and LSU win out, we get Les and Gundy in NOLA.
If OSU or LSU lose, we get absolute, utter chaos.

The real issues is if LSU loses because I think if OSU loses, Bama just slides up into #2. If LSU loses though, then you have Oregon, which lost to LSU, LSU, which would have lost to Arkansas (prob), Arkansas, which lost to Bama, and Bama, which lost to LSU.

That would be fun.

Maybe they’d just gift-wrap us Houston.

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