Questions for Each Coach at Big 12 Media Days

Written by Kyle Cox

It’s time for Big 12 media days and there will be some changes to this year’s event. For starters, it’s been moved to The Star, the $1.5-billion team headquarters and practice facility for the Dallas Cowboys. I hope to see Dez in full OSU garb, chirping in Mike Gundy’s ear while he acts annoyed and tries to avoid any Bob Stoops questions.

Draymond is Dez. Durant is Gundy.

There will be several new faces in the form of three first-year head coaches. And our own Kyle Porter and Hayden Barber will also be on hand. So, to help them out — or anyone else that attends — here is a question for each Big 12 coach.

Gary Patterson (TCU): “Are you okay, Coach?” Seriously, this may be the most pressure Patterson has had since his team joined the league in 2012. “Your quarterback had the worst TD-to-interception ratio of any returning Power-5 QB and Doug Meachum left your program to call plays at Kansas? Again, Coach, are you alright?”

David Beaty (Kansas): “Congratulations on the win, coach.” Which one? “The conference win. That ONE.”

Kliff Kingsbury (Texas Tech): “How are enjoying your las … eh the latest Big 12 media days?”

Matt Campbell (Iowa State): “How much did Mike Holder offer you to reschedule this year’s game in Ames to any other date than 11/11? Has he offered you any wide receivers for that?”

Mike Gundy (Oklahoma State): “What’s your COOP of choice? Can you confirm whether or not you’re a ‘vator man’?”

Tom Herman (Texas): “Welcome to the Big 12, Coach. Can you confirm that Texas is back? Okay, a litmus test. Would you rather have a great time at a 4 p.m. dinner with Bill Snyder or an awkward night of clubbing with Kliff Kingsbury?”

Dana Holgorsen (West Virginia): “If the buzz is legitimate about Will Grier, you might have your best quarterback since Brandon Weeden. Is your … um, are you just going to sit there with that crazy smile plastered on your face? You’re creeping me out. How many Red Bulls have you had?”

Matt Rhule (Baylor): “And who are you here with?”

Bill Snyder (Kansas State): “Did you think you would outlast Bob Stoops?” No joke here. It’s just hard to believe.

Lincoln Riley (Oklahoma): “Has Mike Gundy invited you to his place yet? How many rattlesnake hunts has he invited you to? And how well do you wrastle?”

  • OrangeTuono

    Best one by far:
    Bill Snyder (Kansas State): “Did you think you would outlast Bob Stoops?” No joke here. It’s just hard to believe.

  • BBJD

    No offense Cox I’m a big fan of your writing on this site but this article feels like CRFF. I would’ve actually enjoyed reading legit questions for the coaches instead of one liner jokes.

    • Kyle Cox

      None taken. I think we’re covering media days from all angles and mixing a little fun in is something we like to do. Thanks for reading and stay tuned. We’re going to be killing it all week.

      • scott

        a bit of fun was much appreciated. 🙂 the Draymond is Dez. Durant is Gundy gif was hilarious!

  • Scott

    When the mid-page ad on pistols firing is to enroll at OU…

    • Lokeasy

      according to google ads (that little sideways triangle in the top right of the ads…
      ” Advertisers can use Google AdWords or Google’s DoubleClick ad platform to show you ads like these. In addition to seeing ads based on the types of sites and apps you visit, you may also see ads based on your interests and more”

      If I understand this right, the ads are personalized based on your individual browsing history, so this may say more about you than PFB

      • Scott

        I live in Norman, but prolly wear my orange all over town

    • jake

      mine is for mazzios

      hell yes

      • Scott

        Well, now mine is for wedding stuff because my anniversary is coming up. Much better.

        • David Einstein

          Mine is for an Acura TLX. ?‍♂️

  • Mark

    Matt Rhule (Baylor): “And who are you here with?”


  • Good at Cruitin

    come on Kyle… it’s “rassle”
    And can you please create a .gif of a dance-off between Kliff and Mayfield
    if i knew how i would

    • CaptainObvious

      I’ve heard it both ways.

  • David Einstein

    Pretty sure Gundy prefers Prairie.