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Ranking the 2014 OSU schedule

Bedlam first, Missouri State last, but what goes in between?



NCAA Football: Oklahoma at Oklahoma State

Goodness, we are nearly 50 days from Jameis lacing ’em up and Glenn Spencer having a near aneurysm in getting his defense pumped for the champs so I figured we should get the football preview cranking up.

It’ll be light over the next few weeks then really get rolling in August but to whet your appetite here is OSU’s schedule in order of which games I’m most excited about watching.

1. at OU: It’s always the case but probably more so this season just because it looks like OSU could have the chance to do what OU did to them last season — prevent a Big 12 title. I covet that role a lot more than being the gaudy favorite.

2. Florida State in Dallas: I understand where both programs are at on a functional level but when you whip up the excitement of a first game with the fact that the defending champs will be standing across the field, I mean, I probably shouldn’t be writing this blog if I can’t get a little giddy about that.

3. Texas Tech at home: Kingsbury Gosling on a Thursday night on ESPN? Yes, that will be all kinds of silly fun. Bring me a bottle of Shiner hair gel and let’s combine for 100 points.

4. Texas at home: It’s irrationally enjoyable to house Texas over and over again even as Texas thinks it is something it actually isn’t. Plus we’ve played some classics with them over the years. It’s so weird to think this but as a program right we are on par or ahead of the University of Texas. Magnificent.

5. Iowa State at home: It’s always fun to throttle these dudes as reparation for 2011. I don’t know when that sentiment will come to fruition but we aren’t close yet.

6. West Virginia at home: Dana, comin’! Hide your kids, wives, mixed drinks, and headsets!

7. at TCU: That just smells like a 17-14 win for TCU. And by the way, does anyone actually get excited about going to Ft. Worth for a road game? That’s like going to Bedlam hoops in Norman and pretending like it’s going to be an electric, fun atmosphere.

8. at Kansas: I would trade this game for two more in basketball to make four. Actually, I question your sports rationality if you wouldn’t.

9. at Kansas State: Nope, don’t want any part of that in Manhattan.

10. at Baylor: Nope, don’t want any part of that in Waco.

11. UTSA at home: This sounds pessimistic but I’m actually glad this thing is in Stillwater. Not that we would lose to them in the friendly confines of the Alamodome but OSU will need to find its sea legs after that war with Florida State and intrasquad matchup with the next team on this list…

12. Missouri State at home: I don’t know that this needs an explanation. I should just be thankful it’s on Fox Sports Southwest and I actually get that channel.

Photo Attribution: USATSI

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