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Ranking the Four Best Details of those 1987 Sun Bowl Throwbacks

These are really well done.



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Oklahoma State revealed on Tuesday that it will wear 1987 Sun Bowl throwback jerseys for Saturday’s game against West Virginia as part of a nod to the 1987 Sun Bowl team and to Thurman Thomas, the star of the game who will be the first Cowboy inducted into the program’s Ring of Honor.

These things, folks, are gorgeous head to toe. Classic old-school look that’s not overly done and perfectly mirrors the actual throwbacks (if you want to see for yourself, check it here).

Here are the four best parts of the threads, ranked.

1. Throwback helmet decal

This is the most ageless OSU brand of them all, so of course this ranks No. 1. You could slap this on helmets, cleats or Mike Gundy’s mullet and it’d still be a flawless look. Perfect way to, quite literally, top a throwback look.

The only way you could screw this up — and please, those with power to make these decisions, don’t get any ideas! — is by rolling this decal out but with the flames in the background. (Again: Please don’t get any ideas. That brand should stay in the equipment locker for the next infinity years.)

2. OKLAHOMA STATE across the chest

This is another timeless look that not only embodies the old-school Oklahoma State, but also the era during which this branding was popular. Now the only words you see, typically, are last names on the back, maybe a brand. But spelling out the full OKLAHOMA STATE across the front remains brilliant yet simple. Big fan.

3. The side-of-the-arm stripe

Another simple detail lifted and printed from the 1987 look, but an important one. This makes it feel old school. (Or a bit like Adidas new school, but I digress.)

4. Old-school numbers

The only way you could botch this is by going, I don’t know, comic sans with the numbers. Something wild. So of course this looks great. First, here’s a look at the actual 1987 jersey. (This was right after Thurman stiff-armed a West Virginia defender for a tuddy to put OSU up 14-7.)

Then here’s this week’s look:

Prettay, prettay good.

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