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Ranking The Receivers



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One of the major storylines coming into this season was which of OSU’s seemingly bottomless well of wide receivers would step into the void left behind by graduating talent[1. Or leaving-for-the-NFL talent].

We were told the style would be the same, the chess pieces similar, the end result up in the air but getting more predictable by the year.

So who has stepped up so far this season. Here are the stats…

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Who we thought they were

Josh Stewart – Like I said yesterday, he was born to play in this offense. And with his bestie from high school tossing him the rock now? He has to feel like Reggie Wayne on draft day last year when he realized he was trading in Curtis Painter for Andrew Luck: ecstatic.

Tracy Moore – He’s had a pretty strange year already, from missing the first game to his sick outing in Tuscon to being non-factor against Louisiana. Well, weird for most people, it’s the kind of inconsistency that’s pretty much defined Moore’s career. Does OSU absolutely have to have a go-to Blackmon-like WR to be a successful team in the Big 12? No. But it would be nice if Moore would assume that role.

Joe Randle – I’m not sure how Walsh will handle it going into conference play but with Lunt in I suspect you’d see Randle’s receptions skyrocket. One thing the coaches have talked about, and I’ve been really impressed with in Lunt’s 75 throws is his ability to check down on his progressions. I expect that from juniors and seniors. Freshmen? Not so much.


Isaiah Anderson – No catches against Louisiana and over half his yards came against Savannah State. Where’s the breakaway speed I keep hearing about? Where’s the improvement over the last four years? If Josh Cooper had half of Ike’s speed, he’d be playing xbox with Melanie and Brandon during the week[2. He actually might be doing this, I have no idea] and running routes as a starter for the Browns on Sundays. I want to like Ike but he’s going to have to give me more than “I really should have caught that deep ball for a TD against Arizona that hit me in the shoulder pad” as his season highlight.

Charlie Moore – The guy who took over the spring game apparently didn’t make it to fall camp because I’ve seen nothing so far. 3 for 18 against Savannah, nothing against Arizona, and 1 for 22 against the Cajuns. Not writing him off but putting him on the Beau Johnson memorial “wait, I thought this guy was supposed to be a stud” shelf for now.

CJ Curry – I think I can pinhis inconsistency, or non-existence really, to being a freshman but I am dying to make one of these new guys my Justin Gilbert of the future.


Blake Jackson – Not so much that we didn’t expect these numbers from him because I think a lot of people did. It’s the way he’s looked during games that has everybody excited. Some crazy weird hybrid between Alonzo Mayes (beastliness, ability to use his body well) and D’Juan Woods (good routes and hands, apparently small attention span) comes to mind.

Blake Webb – I’ve yet to see this “can beat Gilbert and Anderson” in a race speed but he’s played pretty well so far. Seems like he’s the kind of guy who puts together a little 40 for 600 and 8 season and you barely even noticed him catching the ball.

The Unknown

Austin Hays – Is he going to be the freshman that emerges from the Curry/Sheperd/Seales/Webb group? Maybe, but one game against the worst team in football history isn’t going to tell us either. He hasn’t played since then either so maybe he redshirts anyway, but you’d think Monken and Gundy would want one of these freshman wideouts to start taking over and integrating as a larger part of what has become a spectacular offense.

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