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Ra’Shaad Samples Commits



The four stars have officially begun rolling in.

OSU followed up Jerel Morrow’s commitment last week with another stud athlete this week in the form of Dallas Skyline WR, Ra’shaad Samples.

Samples had narrowed his finalists down to USC, Ohio State, and Texas, among others. Not bad football schools…you know, traditionally.

By my count, Samples is the first ever recruit to announce his commitment to the Cowboys at The Opening[1. Dominic Ramacher and C.J. Curry both attended last year, but neither announced his collegiate intentions there.], a four-day event in Oregon showcasing the nation’s best high schoolers.

This is the fourth(!) four-star WR OSU has picked up in the 2013 class[2. If you count this freak as a WR…and I do.].

SB Nation did a solid interview with Samples shortly after his commitment. He had the following to say about OSU…

[Gundy is] a great man and being able to play for that guy is amazing. They have a great offensive coordinator and the receivers coach is amazing, coach Casey Dunn, he recruited me really hard. When I went down there, the players made me feel wanted, so I just loved it.

I like the scheme — it’s not just short routes, it’s deep routes and the intermediate passing game, so I feel like it’s the closest to what Mike Leach did when he was at Texas Tech and Tech and Oklahoma State were the teams to do it the best, so it came down to those two.

Here are his rankings by the big four services…

Stars: 4
National: N/A
State: #34
Position: #39

Stars: N/A
National: N/A
State: N/A
Position: N/A

Stars: 3
National: N/A
State: #81
Position: #65

Stars: 34
National: N/A
State: N/A
Position: #18

I have no idea why ESPN doesn’t have him ranked and Scout has him as the #18 WR in the country but I think the goal with this big, ambiguous thing that is college football recruiting is to either 1.) collect athletes and hope they pan out and 2.) collect players to fit into your system (in this case, a Monken-fied variation of the air raid), and Gundy is doing a great job of both.

And finally a video to whet your appetite for that Ateman-Samples-Ross-Curry-Seales-Carr-Shepherd set Lunt is going to be throwing to for the next four years…

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