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Recruits say the darndest things



If you read this blog on a regular basis you know how much I love to perpetuate the “recruiting is a crapshoot, what are we doing with our lives” narrative about college football recruiting.

I’m not really trying to do this here, I just wanted to bring you three real quotes from three real Oklahoma State recruits who visited over the weekend. All of them are quite wonderful.

This is from Tre Flowers (Converse, TX):

They like my range, my eyes, my hips.

What do we think about his collarbones?

Now here’s Taylor Lewis (DeSoto, TX):

The chicken fried steak; it really set me off. I had that on Friday. It was real good.

I don’t know what being “set off” by a food feels like but I have to imagine it’s somewhat delectable.

Lastly, Deric Robertson (Killeen, TX):

I didn’t know Stillwater was that big. It’s a big city based off of OSU. I didn’t know it was that big until we were riding around on our campus tour.

He’s talking about Stillwater, OK not Stillwater, MN…correct?

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