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Report Cards – Part 2



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It’s also time for some end of the school year report cards for your OSU athletes and coaches. We’ll be doling these out gently and spreading them out over the next week (so we don’t have to look at all the basketball ones at once).

Le’Bryan Nash Statistically it’ll go down as one of the five best freshman seasons in school history*. He averaged a 13-5-2-1-0 (points-boards-assists-steals-blocks) and shot 39%/73%/24% (FG/FT/3P) but it always felt like there was something missing. Like he had another gear that he never could find.

Like he was playing as the 25th or 35th best freshman in the country, not the 5th. There’s something there though, and you know we’re all going to be back in late October to see what, if anything, it is.

Mike Gundy Drew within three wins of the all-time Oklahoma State record by a coach, set in motion the first BCS team in school history, and capped it off with a $1.6M raise. We were a live hair-gelling session on national television away from the first A+ from an OSU coach since Eddie took Tony Allen and Co. to the Final Four in 2004.

Running Backs  It got so overlooked because we were all W2B-ing ourselves to death but OSU’s RBs put up the 9th most TDs and posted the 13th best yards per carry mark in the country. Joseph Randle scored more TD than 79 D-1 teams by himself. And he was arguably the 3rd option on offense!

OSU on Twitter This particular grade has ebbed and flowed as the season went on. There’s only one “must follow” athlete right now (Weeden) and he doesn’t even play there anymore, but there are also a lot of “hmmm, maybe I should be following him” accounts (Fowler, Uihlein, Chelf, Moses, Randle, Zac, Van Pelt, and Tidland) and a pretty good community of tweeters (not to mention media members) surrounding the program.

Gallagher-Iba Crowd There’s not much left to say that hasn’t already been said. Let’s just close with this. This being what is now the #VelvetTarp…

*Others include:

James averaged a 13-4-1-1-1 in ’07-’08
IMac had a 11-8-1-2-1 in ’01-’02
Dumas dropped a ridiculous 17-6-2-2-1 (!!) in ’87-’88
Byron Houston put up 13-8-1-1-2 in ’88-’89

…and that’s probably your top five.

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