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Report: NCAA Council Expected to End Recruiting Dead Period June 1

After more than a year.



For more than a year prospective student athletes haven’t been able to take official visits to college campuses, but it looks as if that is finally about to change.

The NCAA Council is set to meet this week where it is expected to set an end date of June 1 for the recruiting dead period that has lasted since March of 2020, according to CBS Sports’ Dennis Dodd.

This is something that has been coming, with many NCAA football programs (including Oklahoma State) already scheduling official visits for early in June.

This is also a big deal for basketball recruiting and the AAU season for prospects from 2022 and beyond.

There won’t be many 2021 guys playing AAU ball this summer, but this would allow incoming freshmen and potential transfers to take official visits to Stillwater.

OSU is the only Big 12 program without a commitment in its 2021 class.

In October, OSU basketball coach Mike Boynton spoke about his personal difficulties recruiting in a dead period. OSU’s staff also has the difficulties of recruiting with NCAA sanctions looming overhead. A source told PFB on Monday the program still doesn’t have a time table on when the appeal should be resolved.

“I’m really aggressive recruiting, personally,” Boynton said in October. “Losing out on the opportunity to be out and meet people and evaluate guys face to face, it’s really challenged me in two ways. One, on whether I was gonna be willing to change my approach, and I haven’t convinced myself that that’s good for me yet.

“The other part of it is not to get impatient and not panic because there’s a lot of good players, certainly, around the country but everywhere. So you don’t want to get into a situation where you panic and you make a mistake because it’s one thing to miss out on a good player. That really doesn’t hurt you as much as people think. What hurts you much more is taking a player who is not necessarily good enough, especially if it’s a younger guy and now you got him in your program. Not that every kid has gotta be the best, but you don’t wanna have scholarships used up on guys who can’t translate to what you’re doing.”

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