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RESULTS: 60 percent of fans don’t want to hear about OSU’s inexperience

But like the James Harden trade, it can’t be talked about enough.



Yesterday I had you guys vote on what you’re least looking forward to over the next month and I have to say I’m a bit surprised by the results though in retrospect I probably shouldn’t be.

First, a look:

Topic Percentage
OSU’s inexperience 58 percent
Uni chatter 13 percent
QB situation 14 percent
Watch lists and polls 15 percent

The reason I shouldn’t have been surprised is because it was the only option that’s a direct slight — or perceived slight — towards OSU.

Personally, I voted for the watch lists and polls. They’re inane. Everyone is on a watch list. I think I’m on a watch list. Polls are just as silly, though a good way to potentially interpret the future.

I understand why people voted for the inexperience thing but I think, like the James Harden trade, it can’t be talked about enough.

This is the year Gundy can separate himself from the “well Boone did this or Blackmon and Dez did this” chatter. If he takes a ragtag bunch with JW Patton at the helm to nine (or 10?!) wins then he’s a top 10 coach.

That’s why the inexperience thing is the No. 1 storyline.

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