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RESULTS: 90 percent of OSU fans think the Pokes will score 20+ on FSU

I agree, Florida State wasn’t THAT great on defense against good offenses last season.



I asked you guys on Monday if you thought OSU’s 52-game streak of scoring 20 or more points would continue at the FSU game on Saturday and a resounding 89 percent of you said it would.

Here’s a look:

Will OSU score 20+ against FSU? Percentage
Yes 89 percent
No 11 percent

I think I agree. I realize that FSU only gave up 20+ twice last season (once to Boston College and once to Auburn) but they weren’t exactly playing the 1999 Rams on offense, either.

OSU’s would have been the fourth-best offense they saw last season according to FEI and they gave up right at 20 a game on average to the three best.

I think OSU gets it done (perhaps with a little trickeration?) and extends the streak to 53, just 10 behind the USC record of 63.

The best comments from Monday…

CRFFOnly problem is FSU will score 50+.

Random guyMost likely thing to never happen… We lose the streak but somehow win the game. Again, I give it a 0.000001% chance, but I’d take it.[1. I would too.]

Voeg: Our offense will still be strong enough to score 20 on just about anybody. It being the first game of the year also give us an advantage in that we could throw in some wrinkles with T. Hill that haven’t been seen yet.

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