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RESULTS: Majority would take starting for Ford over sitting for Gundy

Travis Ford won a vote that Mike Gundy was involved in.




Yesterday I asked whether you would rather your kid start for Travis Ford or sit for Mike Gundy. Here are the results of that poll:

Start for Ford: 53 percent
Sit for Gundy: 47 percent

Travis Ford won something!

I’m kidding of course…okay I’m kind of serious. I voted for Ford as well but not for the same reasons as others. I tossed the kid part in there because I knew it would add a layer of consternation for some of you.

When it’s just you it’s an easier decision but toss a child question at folks and the irrationality begins.

[Googles statistical probability of child going pro in basketball vs. football]

The real issue for me is that I don’t think I want my kid to play football at all. Maybe my mind will be changed over the next two decades but for now I’d rather my kid sit for Ford than play for Gundy so I’d sure rather him start for Ford than play for Gundy.

By the way, props to the kid in the blue back right of that photo above for unintentionally photobombing the crap out of Ford and Brian Williams.

Here were the best comments:

LukeFord. For all his shortcomings as a basketball coach (and they are countless) I feel like he is a guy that can take kids and prepare them for life more than Gundy. Since the likelihood of my kids being professional basketball players is low, I won’t hold Ford’s actual basketball coaching resume against him

NateWow…prepare them for life?? I guess if you want your kid to be a constant whiner, blame others for their failures, and lack any sort of leadership then by all means Ford is your guy.

JeremyFord prepares kids for life better than Gundy? Are we talking about the same Ford and Gundy?

DaveGive him 4 years on the white maple and I’d let my son play for Dave Bliss.

Chon: Gundy’s sideline. Because that’s where Glenn Spencer is.

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