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RG3 Doesn’t Believe In JG4



Photo Attribution: @eknielsen

I know Robert Griffin is probably a little upset that the second half of his Heisman campaign was derailed Texas A&M-style, and honestly, I was going to let it slide, but then he went and rolled on Justin Gilbert.

Sorry Robbie…

JG4 > RG3

Here’s what Jason Kersey wrote about what  the third best QB in the Big 12 had to say about the move Gilbert pulled on his near 109-yard INT return,

Griffin said Gilbert deployed a common trick called “slingshotting” where cornerbacks grab a receiver and slyly pull them forward.

Yeah because K.J. Morton wasn’t borderline humping Justin Blackmon on deep routes all day or anything.

He just did it sly enough that the ref didn’t see it or the ref saw it and thought it was funny, I don’t know, Griffin said.

Clever, I bet Art Briles doesn’t find it funny that you couldn’t find the endzone against OSU’s 111th ranked defense until your 12th career quarter of play against them.

He goes on:

When we bring the play in, I’m thinking, ‘Here we go.’ I see (receiver Terrance Williams), I see his numbers, he’s wide open. The ball’s thrown, all I see is No. 4 (Gilbert). That doesn’t happen naturally.

You’re right, it doesn’t. Because this is not a man who does natural things.

It was good to see Gilbert (albeit inadvertantly) fire back a little, telling James Poling of the O’Colly:

He was hanging his head and pretending like he was hurt, we had to keep feeding on the anger that he had in him and try to take him out of his game early.

And they did, in every imaginable way. They thwarted the world-class efforts of everybody’s favorite “great player on an average team” and simultaneously grind his Heisman hopes into an oblivion of dust.

Also as a side note, in the video it looks like Gilbert holds onto Williams’ jersey for between .00000034 and .00000036 seconds. It’s hard to tell though.

Quotes courtesy of the Oklahoman and the O’Colly

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