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Rob Glass: ‘We Want to Create a Program that is Position-Specific’



#BodyByGlass is a movement, people. Get on board. I nearly choked on my breakfast when strength and conditioning coach Gary Calcagno tweeted this ludicrous photo of Emmanuel Ogbah on Wednesday.

Glass discussed his philosophy recently in this really cool video depicting how OSU’s athletes get (and stay) fit.

“Even though you have eleven men on your team on the field at one time, for them to be successful each position requires a different skillset. Essentially if we trained everybody the same way we would be doing a disservice to some of the positions.

“What we try to do is we want to create a program that is very position-specific because the demands of a wide receiver to be successful on the field are much different than an offensive lineman.

“So we try to design a program that’s very position-specific for the position they play.”

I know this isn’t a concept unique to Oklahoma State, but Glass has been doing this for forever. And it’s hard to imagine anyone doing it any better than him.

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