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Roundtable Friday: if you were Gundy, who would you start at QB?



Photo Attribution: USATSI

Photo Attribution: USATSI

Not who you think should start or who you want to start, but who you would start at QB if your name was Mike Gundy and you were getting $250,000 checks every month.

OKC Dave

Don’t make this harder than it needs to be. Chelf is a senior who has proven himself very capable to give us a great season. You insert Walsh in the same package we used last year, and you redshirt Lunt and tell him he’s got three years ahead of him at starting QB if he keeps up the hard work.


If I was Gundy I guess that would mean I have Alex Cate > Brandon Weeden on my resume so I’m not sure how seriously everybody should take me.

That being said, I think if I was Gundy I would probably start Clint Chelf. Our $3+ million man needs a solid campaign after that 8-5 train wreck last season and Chelf is the safest choice. Last year I said Gundy should start Lunt, and he did, because last year didn’t matter — OSU wasn’t going to win the Big 12 even if Brandon Weeden somehow got another year of eligibility.

This is not the year to take a chance like that again — and nobody can convince me that Lunt isn’t at least a little bit of a chance, a wild card if you will.

This year, Gundy seems to think OSU has a defense that can deliver Big 12 title No. 2 in three years. And if he genuinely thinks that (which…who knows?) then roll Chelf out there. You know what you’re getting with him, you know who you’re getting from him, and with a little bit of luck you can steer the ship to the promise land once again.

I honestly don’t think J.W. is really in the mix for the starting job, what’s weird is that Lunt could either win a Big 12 title this year or not be allowed to play (because of a redshirt) based on whatever Gundy feels like doing over the next few months. I could not handle those emotional swings — this is why I write and don’t play (among many, many reasons).

All of this probably means…”welcome to Houston, folks. Your starting quarterback for the Oklahoma State Cowboys — Daxx Garman!!”


*Disclaimer:  I didn’t watch the scrimmage nor did I read anything about it except for a couple headlines that claimed defense won.

 I don’t think you can pick one of these QBs and say he’s going to get you X number of more wins than the other two. Any of these three guys give us a chance to win every game on the schedule. Winning this year is the most important factor, but we have to move to the next bullet on the priority list: winning next year and the year after. Lunt has a higher ceiling than Walsh and I can’t name many teams who have had huge seasons with a 200-pound scrambling quarterback.

If I’m Gundy, I go with Lunt because he’s better suited for the style of offense I want this team to play.  Do we want a Weeden offense or a Zac offense? We recruited the WR position so well and those weapons are under-utilized with a weaker arm. Develop Lunt and have a Weeden-caliber QB in 2014 and 2015.

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