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Roundtable Wednesday: PFB Team Picks Its Favorite Bowl Matchups for OSU



Welcome to the PFB roundtable, where our team discusses the latest happenings around Oklahoma State football every week.

This week on the docket, we pick our favorite bowl matchup, discuss the benefits of redshirting, and more. Enjoy.

Kyle Boone: Justice Hill had a career day against Texas Tech, but he’s also logging a higher-than-normal carry count. Are you concerned with OSU’s insistence on riding him so hard this early in the season?

Kyle Cox: Not exactly concerned about the workload as much as I am concerned that they don’t trust King or one of the other guys. Prior to the Tech game, there was a rumor that we’d see Chuba. Why burn his redshirt if King can’t get four touches in two games?

Matt Harris: I’m not concerned with riding him at all. He’s performed well in most games this year. I would start giving King more touches if Justice starts to wear down and look tired as the season goes on but at least for the time being, I have no problem with a high work load for him.

Kyle Porter: I am, yes. Both from a stamina and injury standpoint. The part that I don’t understand is Mason Rudolph getting four times as many caries in the Tech game as J.D. King has in the first two Big 12 games combined.

Boone: This time last year, Hill was the workhorse. But he definitely wore down right before Chris Carson returned. If OSU’s going to give him 30~ carries per game, no doubt he’s going to be gassed by November. I’d like to see King and Brown get more carries to ease the load.

Ryan Harris: I’m not concerned so much as I am puzzled why JD King isn’t mixed in more often in the red zone and early in the game. Either way Justice will continue to dazzle.

Phillip Slavin: I’m not concerned. I think we’ll see King again as the season progresses. I think we didn’t see King much against TCU because we were behind. I think we didn’t see King much against Tech because the Red Raiders couldn’t stop Hill’s running style. They’re two different backs. There will be games and times that Kind is most useful than Hill.

Boone: Are you shorting your Tyron Johnson stock based on his lack of usage/productivity thus far in the offense? And if so, which receiver do you recommend investing in next?

Cox: Slightly. I don’t know if this is still due to whatever kept him grounded for the Pittsburgh trip or not. But if you’d told me that Dillon Stoner would have over twice the targets and yards as Tyron and twice the TDs through five weeks, I would have been super bummed out.

Matt: I agree with Cox, for all the hype that Tyron got coming into the season he hasn’t really produced or lived up to the hype. That being said I don’t think I really put stock in any receiver (outside of James because he’s always going to get his numbers) because they’re all dangerous. Mason has all of the weapons that he could possibly ask for and I don’t care how he uses them as long as he gets the job done.

Ryan: I haven’t lost any stock in Tyron Johnson. He isn’t getting as many targets or snaps as many of us probably thought he would. I still believe he will perform to preseason expectations if he gets more targets per game. I would love to OSU get him involved more.

Slavin: I never had a lot of stock in Johnson to begin with. Not because I don’t think he’s talented, I just thought there was already too much talent on the roster that Rudolph was more comfortable with, namely Washington and Ateman. I still think he’ll have a “bag year” game this year though.

Porter: I’m actually buying Tyron stock right now since it’s selling for pennies. Hard to be a home run hitter when you only see two pitches again and both of them are out of the strike zone.

Boone: Look at Porter teaching economics here!

Boone: Going back to what Cox somewhat alluded to earlier: Malcolm Rodriguez burned his redshirt against Texas Tech. Do you think he’ll be the last to do so this season? If not, who do you think OSU could reasonably benefit from using that has yet to play this season?

Cox: I would be okay with the rest keeping them unless there is a depth issue down the line. Can we sew a couple back on? If Tylan Wallace was going to get just five targets through five games, why not save him for an extra year? If a guy can help you win now, then I’m all for it.

Porter: Burn Jelani and see if he can play OL.


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Porter: But really I think the only ones that have a chance of being burned are Chuba (it’s over) and Brock Martin.

Matt: I think it’s a totally situational question. If we need to burn someone’s redshirt for depth reasons or if they can help then I’m all for it. However, I don’t want to see OSU burn redshirts for no reason. If you’re going to burn one, utilize it.

Slavin: I would be surprised to see another red shirt burned, unless injuries called for it. If Ammendola has another bad game though, I would hope Gundy would give McClure a serious look. I would have not problem with a short yardage field goal kicker, and Ammendola handling everything 40 yards and more.

Ryan: I don’t think OSU will burn anymore redshirts, unless it’s for an injury. I’d love to get Tylan Wallace more involved now that his redshirt is gone. Of course I’d also like to see JD King, Tyron, and Stoner more involved. There are only so many snaps in a game.

Boone: I say burn Chuba 3 weeks ago and let him run wild. Maybe burn it against Texas and give him 30 carries, just let him go scorched earth while Justice rests.

Last Q: A lot of bowl projections this week pegged OSU to be Alamo Bowl-bound. If you were to pick any team from any conference for OSU to play in the postseason (throwing out bowl rules and conference stipulations entirely), who would you pick?

Cox: That’s a really good question. I’ll say Auburn. Maybe Georgia depending on how the season goes. I think Auburn would be winnable but somewhat of a challenge and the two schools have never played.

Matt: I think Virginia Tech would be an awesome bowl matchup. A high powered Cowboy offense vs a traditionally proud and stout Hokie Defense. An average at best Hokie offense vs a Cowboy defense that typically struggles. I think it’d be an interesting game. Justin Fuente has breathed new life into that program in the post Beamer era and Bud Foster is the best defensive coordinator in college football.

Slavin: Being honest? I’m with Cox. I’d love to play Auburn in a bowl game. I think it would be a fun offensive match-up. Selfishly? Can we get Arkansas in Memphis. It’s only two hours from me, and I could stick it to everyone in my office when we win big.

Ryan: Honestly I would want the best possible team we could play. A team similar to last years Colorado squad. A team that would make it an interesting enough game for a lot of people to watch. I want the nation to see just how lethal #Rudolph2Washington is before they head to the pros.

Porter: Ohio State. I want to see how Oklahoma State matches up, and I want to see what an elite offense going against an elite defense looks like. For all the trademarks!

Boone: Oooooh I like that. I’d really like to see an OSU-USC bowl game (playoff game). We could watch Rudy go full Vince Young 2006 in the Rose Bowl.


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