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Roundup: Go vote on the best Big 12 stadium

Also (and I know I say this a lot) the coolest picture of campus I think I’ve ever seen.




I voted BPS, not because I went there but because I genuinely think it’s the best experience in the Big 12. Texas is a clown show — I’ve been to church services that were louder than that place on Saturdays. OU’s is good but I prefer old GIA > new GIA if that makes sense.

You can just set this to auto-tweet, no?

Indeed it does. Ask Bryce Petty.

Can he hoop?

Tremendous! I met Cody at the FSU game. Great dude and works hard. Congrats.

Yeah it’s so sick. This will be an amazing collection in about five years, I think.

Good post here, you should read it. Colin is smart and has good takes — picked up on a ton of stuff I missed on Saturday.

NOTHING gets me fired up for gameday like Dillards.


I do want one of those scarves.

Holy cow.

The “Flying Aggies” is the coolest name.


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