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Rowdy Coming: 12,000 Tickets Sold to OSU’s Big 12 Opener Against WVU



In Brad Underwood’s first press conference as Oklahoma State’s head basketball coach, he vowed to bring Gallagher Iba Arena back to its old days of rowdiness. Although attendance has been average (at best) for the past couple of years, it appears that Underwood’s promise might be fulfilled sooner than many would have thought.

According to voice of the Cowboys, Larry Reece, OSU has already sold 12,000 tickets for Friday’s game against West Virginia.

This number was confirmed to PFB. The Pokes have sold right at 12,000 as of Monday. Additionally, 5,100 tickets have been sold in the four for $20 promotion alone and all $5 tickets are sold out.

It’s crazy to think that all of this is not even counting the student section. But expect them to come out in full force as well. In fact, the student section’s Twitter page just released this hype video for Friday’s game:

Although non-conference attendance has been spotty at best, it seems that crowds will pick up now that the Pokes are in conference play. And at least for Friday, in an arena that fits 13,611 people, GIA will be alive for the Cowboys’ 3 p.m. conference opener against West Virginia — even less than a full day after the Cowboys’ bowl game in San Antonio.

It’s been a long time coming, but it looks like OSU basketball is on its way back. In the words of the OSU Students account above: “New Era. Old Rowdy.”

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