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Sam Mayes Goes on Epic Rant About Oklahoma State Football



Former Oklahoma State offensive lineman turned sports radio host Sam Mayes is not pleased. He went on a crazy rant on Wednesday about how everybody needs to stop being satisfied with this team (which is 4-0 through four games). Among the best quotes …

“[The Texas game] looked like a rottweiler trying to hump a football for four quarters.”

“I’m sorry that my expectations for my university which I love and give a whole lot of money to every year are higher than having a freaking beer. I’m so sick of that.”

The way it ended was unbelievable.

“I get people texting me and tweeting me ‘you’re too hard on Oklahoma State’ — double birds to you and everybody else. Go Pokes. I’m out.”

You can listen at the top of the page.

[Orange Factor]

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