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Sam Mayes says JW Walsh has a broken foot

6-8 weeks? It’s starting to look that way for No. 4.



For whatever it’s worth I’ve heard some variation of this (broken foot/ankle/whatever + being out 6-8 weeks) from quite a few people. I know sources gonna sources but smoke and fire and such.

Also, I’m pretty sure this is the play it happened on:

Either way we should know something on Monday at the latest at Gundy’s press conference — and more than likely on Sunday night.

That is, if Gundy is in a talking mood.

The interesting part about all of this is if Walsh really is out 6-8 weeks then that means Mason Rudolph’s redshirt is all of a sudden up in the air. Maybe Daxx will Weeden but we also might have a mess on our hands 15 minutes into the UTSA game.

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