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Schedule predictions: First three games

Florida State, Missouri State, and UTSA — I think OSU gets through those at 2-1 before turning to conference play.




I wanted to wait and get my predictions (conference finishes, OSU record, bowl games, bold predictions, etc.) until closer to the season and now here we are five days out from the first game.

So prepare for an avalanche of hot takes over the next few days — most of which I know till prove to be so wrong it’ll make the US foreign affairs situation with Iraq look borderline genius by comparison.

Let’s get to the first few games.

Florida State

For all the hysteria about how OSU is going to get smoked, run out of Dallas, and potentially even shut down as an athletic program after FSU is done with them, I still prefer playing this game to playing Savannah State or even Mississippi State.

OSU isn’t winning the title this season if it plays Savannah State or Union High School in Game 1 so you might as well roll it out there against the best and give your fans something to think about all summer.

Best case scenario is obviously a shocking upset but I think a realistic best case is OSU keeping this thing close for 40+ minutes and losing late by a score of something like 45-28.

That’s respectable. You can walk into the Big 12 and say “hey, we hung with the champs for nearly three quarters, they didn’t annihilate us. We can play with everybody in the Big 12.”

Prediction: FSU by two TDs
Record: 0-1

Missouri State

Going from the champs to Missouri State on the schedule is like what you used to do in college when you were playing Madden on All-Pro to impress all your buddies and then flipped it to sub-rookie (if that was even a level) when they left the room just to see how many points you could score.

Wait, that was just me?

Prediction: OSU by Gundy’s age.
Record: 1-1


JW Walsh : UTSA :: Emory University : ebola

In other words, he owns them. Yes, I know my sample size is 60 minutes but you saw this madness last season, no?

OSU should coast into the Tech game which, by the way, should be amazing.

Prediction: Pokes by more than 20
Record: 2-1


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