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Several Potential OSU Targets Competed at the NHSCA National Wrestling Tournament



The National High School Coaches Association tournament was this weekend and though there weren’t any future Cowboys that have signed or officially announced commitments wrestling here, there were some results that Oklahoma State fans may be interested in.

170: Troy Fisher — Goddard, Kansas

We wrote about Troy a few weeks ago. The Kansas junior and two-time state champ went to the same high school as recruiting coordinator Tyler Caldwell. His dad also coached Tyler in high school. Fisher finished fourth here in the junior division — right at his seeding — but you probably would’ve hoped to see a bit more here. He did finish ahead of some highly ranked guys. Intermat has Zane Coleman ranked 13th and Edmond Ruth ranked 16th, though I should note that Coleman defaulted out. Fisher, who isn’t ranked on any national boards, finished higher than both of them.

If the Cowboys get Fisher the biggest concern to me would be his size. The Cowboys are already set for a bit at 174 and 184 with guys coming in, so the best spot for him is 165. He doesn’t have the look of a big 170, so I do think he can go to 165 in college just from what I see on the surface. In his third-place match he looked very undersized compared to the guy he wrestled.

With the Caldwell connection and the geography connection the Cowboys should be in the driver’s seat with Fisher if they make a run at him and hopefully could get him pretty cheap because he doesn’t seem to be on many national recruiting radars. He seems like he’s right up there with a lot of top guys. Only real concern here to me is his size. If he can’t be a 165 it’s hard to see a spot for him with Wittlake and Montalvo coming in unless they bump the whole lineup.

170: Zane Coleman — Choctaw, Okla.

As noted above, three-time Oklahoma State champ and No. 1 seed Coleman defaulted out here. Not sure on the details of why, he did wrestle and win a few matches. It wasn’t until after his first loss that he defaulted out, you naturally assume injury or sickness. With that it’s hard to read much into the results here. He’s one of the top local kids and is ranked pretty high nationally. He has been on visits to OSU, so there is definitely some interest there.

The concern is similar for him as it is Fisher, though. There’s not much of a spot for him at 74 with Wittlake coming in, so you have to hope he can get down to 165. On the outside looking in he looks bigger than Fisher and because of that to me there is some uncertainty about his ability to get down to where he’d be most needed for the Cowboys which is probably 165.

Ultimately I think OSU pushes for one or the other with these two. There’s really not much use for both because of what OSU already has coming in and with them both being the same size. It’ll be interesting to see which, if either, they pick up.

126: Reece Witcraft – Broken Arrow, Okla.

Witcraft. a junior, finished eigth this past weekend. This is a size where the Cowboys will need to sign some guys next year with the eventual exit of Kaid Brock and Nick Piccininni. Witcraft isn’t very highly ranked nationally, but does have a Cadet Greco National title. He surprised most in-state wrestling fans a little over a month ago by winning a state title over Choctaw’s Colt Newton, who is a very good wrestler and one of the guys pictured in the photo above with Coleman on a recruiting visit. Witcraft is very athletic, and even if it is Greco vs. being a freestyle or folkstyle national champ, that’s not something a lot of guys can say they’ve done. Working with the talent and coaching in the room at the lower weights could be an asset for the Cowboys in a few years with a redshirt year behind all the current depth there.

106: Dominic Chavez – Martin High School Arlington, Texas

This was a big weekend for Chavez. Most nationally thought he was the most impressive guy in the country this week. He even won Adidas National Wrestler of the Week. At this tournament they wrestle each specific grade here then group the champs from each grade and have a tournament to decide the overall champ. Chavez was the champ of the champs first winning the sophomore division then beating the other champions at 106 pounds.

With the guys listed above we know OSU is after them on some level. There’s obviously been visits and other things to indicate as much. With Chavez I don’t know anything certain there, he’s just a sophomore, so there can’t be too much contact at this point, but I’m throwing him in for three reasons.

1. Geography – We’ve discussed how important it can be for the Cowboys if Texas continues to develop wrestling and this kid is physically closer to OSU than any other big time wrestling program. That’s a very good thing for the Cowboys.

2. Size – OSU clears out at the lower weights in a few years, so if Chavez can grow into 125 over the next few years he should fit well. Plenty of time for him to put on size being just a sophomore

3. Johny Hendricks – His freestyle coach happens to be an Oklahoma State legend famous for knocking guys out.


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