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SMC – CWS Best Plays



To officially wrap up the 2010-2011 college athletics season here’s a look at the ten best plays (or at least ten outstanding plays ESPN’s video producer could find) in College World Series history.

My favorites in order:

4. – I wish people knew him for this and not getting his face lit up by Nolan Ryan.

1. – Every little boy’s dream.

5. – I love Georgia the state and the school and everything in it. But I do not love Georgia in the CWS. Plus, this was the ultimate Cinderella, like a 13-16 seed winning March Madness.

7. – The look on Gene Stephenson’s face says everything you need to know about the CWS.

2. – Little weak for the second-best play in CWS history, no?

10. – Looks like the throw made by the guy in the Fred McGriff commercial where he slings one in a barrel from about 250 feet in straightaway center field. Except there’s no barrel and he did it on the first try.

9. – Didn’t think you’d hear the words “Morgan Ensberg” and “triple steal” in the same sentence today, did you?

5. This was squarely in the middle of the “good gosh we have to do something about these bats or a third baseman is going to die someday” era.

8. – “Rocket has gained some weight since then.” Yeah, no kidding.

6. – I prefer my highlights to be taped on video cameras.

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