Social Reaction to Glenn Spencer’s Dismissal as Cowboy DC

Written by Kyle Cox

On Thursday, Pistols Firing broke the news that after 10 years on staff and five years at the helm of Mike Gundy’s defense, Glenn Spencer would not be retained by Oklahoma State.

There will be a lot of questions answered in the coming days and weeks and the biggest of those will be who takes over OSU’s defense. For now, let’s take a look at the initial reaction from fans, former players and media members.

First off, a former player of Spencer’s from in LB group shared his initial reaction.

There aren’t a lot of people who can find a bad thing to say about Spencer, least of which the members of the media that interacted with him on a normal basis.

As far as OSU’s fan base goes, while many agree with the move from an Xs and Os standpoint, not many wish anything but luck for Spencer.

And then there’s always this, numbers be damned.

This move inevitably will churn up more cries from a rival fan base down south that are ready for a similar move.

And of course someone found a way to slide a mullet joke in there somewhere.

  • Winning Comment

    I wish someone would fire Sam Mayes. That guy is the worst.

    • Guest

      I second that. He’s a fake cowboy alum. He was a douche in college and still is one.

    • Is there some sort of rule explaining why I can’t UBER-like this – based on how much I disagree with Sam?!?!

    • Wayne from Forty One

      Sammy is trying to suck up to his goon employers. His show has always inhaled deeply, its just getting more effort at inhaling deeper now

  • JeffB

    Funny how you say “despite the numbers”. His D gave the ball back to the O in 2 diff games for the win. They flubbed both. So numbers don’t lie, it’s true. But they apparently can be so yyyyyuge you can ignore them.

    • John Frazier

      You wouldn’t be talking about the K-State and the OU games would you? You do realize that our offense was the only reason we were in either of those games right? Our defense didn’t stop OU, and it sure didn’t stop a mediocre 5 win (at the time) K-State team from throwing and running up and down the field. I don’t see how anyone can honestly argue that in both of those games our defense was the problem not the offense.

      • SirAwesome

        The OU game is the only LOSS where the offense went stride for stride. In the TCU game and the Kstate game that world class offense was stuck in the teens until the 4th QTR. Though criticism of the defense is warranted (possibly the worst 3rd done defense) Lets stop pretending that Mike Yursich EVER called a great game this season when it MATTERED. Yes we ran up the score on teams like Baylor, Pitt, Kansas, Tulsa, and S. Alabama. But when we went against teams that had equitable talent, we would get a slight lead and shut the offense down and leave it to the Defense (and often times horrible clock management by Gundy and Yursich) to escape with wins. (less us not forget that stellar 13 point outing in Austin). We were NOT ranked 6th in the country because of our Defense. I don’t care how high our offense was ranked Nationally….we lost 3 games at home and went to the CAMPING WORLD BOWL. Two seasons removed from the Fiesta Bowl, Coach Gundy hires a guy that was on no ones radar, that he finds on youtube, and hands over our offense, and we wonder why we are constantly mocked here in the state. The sad thing is, as a fan base we don’t believe there could have been a better hire. We don’t believe that we should have a shot at the playoffs at least every 3 to 4 years. We continue this narrative, “but we won 10 games” NO, we won 9 regular season games two seasons in a row. Yes we won the Alamo Bowl and the Camping world bowl to get the 10th wins, but what happen that last time we went to an actual bowl that mattered. Oh yeah we got demolished in the Sugar Bowl because we were inept on offense. We were successful when we were aggressive on offense. Is it a coincidence that Joe Wickline and Doug Meachum, two of the best at recruiting and developing talent we have had in awhile, both LEFT after the Yursich hire? Did there need to be a change at the helm on Defense…YES..but let’s not pretend that our success/failure does not hinge on our offense!!! It’s time we shake this case of Stockholm Syndrome we have and require a level of coaching and recruiting that matches the RISE OF SEASON TICKET PRICES. We have won 1 conference title in 12 years, only been to two New Years 6 bowls, had a decline in our recruiting rankings (this years class was an improvement), lost 3 games at home this season when we were touted to be conference champs, and yet our head coach get’s bumped to 5 million dollars. My hope is that the EXPECTATIONS MATCH THE RAISE.

        • Saucy Takes

          You should not give up more than 40 to TCU this year

          • SirAwesome

            You are ABSOLUTELY CORRECT!!! However, shouldn’t you have MORE THAN 17 points by the 4th qtr on your home field. And how much of that 45 was due to offensive turnovers AND special teams? How often through out the course of the season did we watch this offense go 3 and out and put our defense right back on the field? How often did our special teams give up great field position if not a return? Do I have a problem with release Glenn Spencer NO! But if you think that is going to fix, predictable, passive play calling, you are mistaken. Our offense is predicated on Big plays, when defenses didn’t give up a big play, our offense stalled out. How often did we as a fan base get frustrated when time after time we would get to the red zone and have to settle for field goals, and then pray that we made them. We all see it, but we are convinced that we can’t do better, and then get angry when other fan bases and media members call it out.

          • Saucy Takes

            I saw our offense score tenfold the three and outs

          • SirAwesome

            Check the box scores of conference games OTHER than Kansas and Baylor. Again, our offense was our strength, but more times than not, was not used to it’s full capability due to non aggressive play calling. Every DC in the conference knew that if we gain a slight lead, we would down shift and allow the other team the opportunity to get back in it. AGAIN go back and watch the KSU and TCU games. Rewatch ISU and WVU. It’s fine if you want to believe that we don’t have issues on Offense, and the issue is NOT talent. You are entitled to your opinion, HOWEVER, what have I said that wasn’t true. The end results tell the tale.

          • Saucy Takes

            Scored 41 on tech 50 on WVU 52 on OU 49 on ISU 40 on KSU and 31 on TCU all enough to where if you have an okay defense you win TCU is no offensive juggernaut see how they faired against ous bad defense. We had to score 49 to beat ISU and would have had to of scored 46 to beat KSU 😬😬

          • SirAwesome

            I notice you left the TEXAS game off your list…lol…You keep bringing up TCU, A.) they beat us, and B.) They Played for the Big 12 championship! ISU managed to BEAT OU. Mason had how many picks against KSU and if I am NOT mistaken didn’t the SPECIAL TEAMS GIVE UP A TOUCHDOWN. Maybe you didnt read my original post, I am CERTAIN I said that changes needed to be made on Defense HOWEVER, if you want to believe that our offensive play calling is not an issue then fine. Continue to believe that. You keep talking about the scoring totals but the truth of the matter is our offense had the ball at the end of TWO of our THREE losses at home and couldn’t get it done. The play book NEVER opened up until there was a deficit. AGAIN, I am not making this up….GO BACK AND WATCH THE GAMES…lol. Actually, nevermind. We can end it with this….We have the greatest offense that EVER PLAYED IN THE CAMPING WORLD BOWL.

          • Saucy Takes

            You just said it yourself we has the greatest offense ever( did you watch ou) . None of that is related to coaching up a ton of non rivals 300 kids lol. And it can’t be the defenses fault that we were in the camping world bowl

          • Dee Harper

            Exactly! We got to the red zone and could not score with the BEST RECEIVER in college football? Hmmmm

        • Dee Harper

          I absolutely agree with you! Our “world class” offense was the problem. The offense was centered around James Washington and Mason Rudolph. The plan was to create a Biletnikoff winner and a Heisman winner. They threw the ball to James Washington NO MATTER WHAT, and that is why we lost to TCU, OU, and KSU! The season was sacrificed, and it has nothing to do with the DEFENSE!

          • Frank Eaton

            This is hilarious. We literally started the TCU game off with 6 consecutive runs and a punt. Watch the f******* games and stfu.

    • Scott

      Being able to get one stop per game, even if at a crucial point, is not the standard. No matter how good your offense is, it will not be able to score on every single possession.

    • Mullet Power

      OU scored SIXTY TWO POINTS IN BEDLAM!!!! stop their offense just once in a while maybe??
      OU’s punter read War and Peace on their bench during that game.

      • skipcook

        That’s Funny!

    • kspokesfan

      Not really sure of your ability to interpret football knowledge… No offense intended.

    • Saucy Takes

      Offense gave the defense way more opportunities than the defense gave the offense. If my offense averages 42 points a game all I’m asking is to hold the other team to less than 6 touchdowns a game

  • Sonny

    Based on this one tweet, I think that brandy @mrsmendell is Kyle Porter’s secret account.

  • kspokesfan

    I can tell you one thing about the firing of Glen Spencer…. We will have plenty to talk about during the off season.

  • OSU Student

    I love how Sam Mayes was a less-than-stellar player, during a no-so-great era for OSU football, who never made any sort of impact on football after school, yet his head is bigger than the state of Texas and he desperately tries to make everyone believe he is the chosen one for all things football and Gundy is a complete quack. Something must have happened between them two that got Mayes so butthurt that he had to shun OSU and fall into a deep sexual love affair with the University of Oklahoma. He is absolutely obsessed with parading OU, and downgrading OSU. Either that, or he’s trying very, very, very, very hard not to sound biased toward his alma mater.

    • Maybe Kyle should invite him for a segment on the podcast to explain himself?

      • OSU Student

        Kyle- ‘Hey Sam would you like to be on our OSU podcast?”

        Sam- “Sure, I guess I’ll take time out of my day to make your podcast bette…. wait, did you say an OSU podcast. Nope, I’m out. You guys are freakin killing me!!!” (in Sam Mayes angry shouty voice)