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Social Reaction to Glenn Spencer’s Dismissal as Cowboy DC



On Thursday, Pistols Firing broke the news that after 10 years on staff and five years at the helm of Mike Gundy’s defense, Glenn Spencer would not be retained by Oklahoma State.

There will be a lot of questions answered in the coming days and weeks and the biggest of those will be who takes over OSU’s defense. For now, let’s take a look at the initial reaction from fans, former players and media members.

First off, a former player of Spencer’s from in LB group shared his initial reaction.

There aren’t a lot of people who can find a bad thing to say about Spencer, least of which the members of the media that interacted with him on a normal basis.

As far as OSU’s fan base goes, while many agree with the move from an Xs and Os standpoint, not many wish anything but luck for Spencer.

And then there’s always this, numbers be damned.

This move inevitably will churn up more cries from a rival fan base down south that are ready for a similar move.

And of course someone found a way to slide a mullet joke in there somewhere.