Social Reaction: Tons of Support for Gundy’s Singlet

Written by Kyle Cox

Mike Gundy set social media ablaze with a couple of well-done promos for the upcoming Sunday showdown between No. 1 OSU and No. 2 Penn State.

You know with something this golden, there would be some great social media reactions.

Of course former assistant to Gundy and longtime friend Todd Monken had to throw his hat in the ring.

Carson did a great series here.

And here.

Even Gundy’s own had some fun at his expense.

Former players pitched in.

Yes, he is, Jake…

This is great.

Can’t say I disagree.

I personally love that Gundy does stuff like this. The face of the university can poke fun at himself for a 10-year old viral video, can rock a mullet with a straight face for a year and now he can where a singlet to show support for OSU wrestling.

  • GOpokes

    i died when i saw the second video. Never change, Coach. Never change.

  • kspokesfan

    Almost 50 and he’s in pretty good shape. There is no doubt he supports oSu in all things oSu. Go Pokes!!

  • arin5000

    How about some love for the gold chain too!

  • Good at Cruitin

    loved this post until this cringe worthy line: “and now he can where a singlet to show support for OSU wrestling”
    that made my brain hurt

    whining about grammer aside – Gundy is a stud

    • No soup for you!


      • Good at Cruitin

        ha ha – touche.

  • Alum in AZ

    I anticipate Jim Harbaugh will be sporting a singlet soon now…

    • Guest

      Harbaugh is a fake tough guy, he is nothing like the Big Daddy rocking the mullet

  • Adam M.

    They could take this kind of stuff to another level and start ‘crootin’ with it. If he can make fun of his own ways, the sky is the limit.