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Some thoughts on the QB blackout



Photo Attribution: USATSI

Photo Attribution: USATSI

I have a confession: I didn’t watch the spring cotillion on Saturday. Heck, I didn’t even follow the spring cotillion[1. My name for the spring game that we’re not allowed to call the “spring game.”] on Saturday.

I was offline basically all weekend, detoxing from my Masters hangover, working in the yard, cleaning the garage. Really glamorous stuff.

The cotillion, I thought, would just be a series of Josh Stewart deep balls, punt return fumbles, and the precursor to an ad in the O’Colly for a new kicker/punter. Then Gundy had to go full-blown Gundy Badger mode and take the three QBs hostage after the game, essentially declaring them off-limits to the media until after OSU has played 60 minutes against Mississippi State in Houston.

He also basically said “I have no idea who the starter is going to be” without actually saying “I have no idea who the starter is going to be.”

Well OK then.

I don’t have a problem with Gundy doing Gundy Badger stuff, that’s one of the reasons I love him actually. But this is a little ridiculous. It’s 2013 and we’re playing football, not going to war. Who cares who knows who the starting QB is?

The undisclosed starting QB is one of the things I hate about sports — and it’s not a personal complaint, I actually have more to write about now than I did four days ago. But what’s the issue with just saying “you know, I thought Chelf was the starting QB a week ago but it’s a QB derby again, it’s up in the air” instead of “I will not talk about the QBs” like they’re responsible for the black plague or something.

And does Dan Mullen really care who we start at quarterback?

To me the bigger distraction is making your 85 guys keep the thing top-secret like it’s the Facebook IPO or something. Josh Stewart talked to the Oklahoman after the cotillion on Saturday about whether or not he would tell the media when he found out who would be throwing to him:

I gotta keep that a secret.

Yes, because what I want my All-Big 12 WR worried about is who he can and can’t tell about who’s playing quarterback next year.

And to think, Gundy handled this so beautifully last season when he named Lunt the starter after the 2012 cotillion…

Of course, with the way Gundy’s rolling these days he might have named Daxx Garman the starter three weeks ago and only told Kristen. Which leads us back to the original point:

Isn’t it more difficult to remember what lies you’ve told the media and what the truth is with your team than it is to just be honest all the time? Doesn’t that take more out of you and rob you of what you’re giving your squad?

Maybe not for Gundy but I know keeping Mission: 1QB13 would drain me.

And really, come on, does it even matter who we start at QB anyway?

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