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Somebody’s Getting Auburn’d



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You guys remember what happened.

Auburn went to Tennessee, to Ole Miss, to Alabama, beat Georgia and LSU at home, and Tennessee again in the SEC title game to complete the 13-0 sweep and…were rewarded with a 2-loss Virginia Tech team in the Sugar Bowl.

12-0 OU and 12-0 SC played for the national title. War Eagle’s cries fell upon the deaf ears of the¬†bureaucratic¬†machinery that is the Bowl Championship Series. They had been perfect in the nation’s nastiest conference and had nothing to show for it. Nice season guys, do it again next year and maybe you’ll get a look.

It was a nightmarish scenario for an organization that’s pretty used to nightmarish scenarios. The scariest thing about it all?

It could happen again. And this time OSU’s involved.

For the next few days we’ll take a look at the 15 remaining unbeatens, who they have left, their best chance to lose, who might stun them, and (most importantly) how all of this affects OSU.

From least likely to go undefeated to most:

15. Texas Tech

Most likely loss: at OU

Schedule difficulty: 10 (out of 10)

Upset lurking: Baylor

OSU is affected: when they play on November 12th, in Lubbock, to get their 2nd win since 1944 (as well as since 2010).

Analysis: I don’t know if you can call Baylor an “upset” but it’s one of the few games Texas Tech might be favored in. Their schedule the rest of the way is insane. Five ranked teams (including Texas and OU on the road), at Mizzou, and Baylor in Jerry-world.

Chance of going undefeated: 0.0000001%

14. Kansas State

Most likely loss: at Oklahoma State

Schedule difficulty: 8 (out of 10)

Upset lurking: at Kansas

OSU is affected: when they play on November 5th

Analysis: They have what has to be the worst four week stretch of any team in the country – OU at home, at OSU, A&M at home, and at Texas. They’ll be lucky to win one of those.

Chance of going undefeated: 0.0000002%

13. Illinois

Most likely loss: Wisconsin at home

Schedule difficulty: 6 (out of 10)

Upset lurking: at Purdue

OSU is affected: they shouldn’t be because Illinois shouldn’t be going unbeaten

Analysis: 5-0 for the first time since 1951 is impressive, but how long can it last? Well probably at least until the end of October. They go to Indiana (Union could give Indiana a decent game) and host Ohio State (whose offense is somewhere between abysmal and just not even existant), then go to Purdue and to Penn State. They’re not going undefeated with Wisky on the schedule but the Rose Bowl is within reach if that’s their only loss.

Chance of going undefeated: 1%

12. Michigan

Most likely loss: Wisconsin in the Big 10 title

Schedule difficulty: 2 (out of 10)

Upset lurking: at Iowa

OSU is affected: if an undefeated Michigan upsets Wisconsin, that would be very very bad for people from Boise, Stillwater, and Palo Alto

Analysis: Did the NCAA consult Jim Tressel on his way out the door re: Michigan’s schedule?!?! at Northwestern, at MSU, Purdue at home, at Iowa, at Illinois, Nebraska and Ohio State at home, then the Big 10 title game against Wisky. I’m not finding a loss in there during the regular season. But they’re going to get THUMPED by my Badgerson December 3rd.

Chance of going undefeated: 10%

11. Texas

Most likely loss: OU this weekend

Schedule difficulty: 6 (out of 10)

Upset lurking: at Mizzou

OSU is affected: next weekend, to me it’s become the biggest non-Bedlam game this year. Missouri isn’t that good and OSU needs to go in and take control early.

Analysis: If they get past OU…well…I mean…nooo….they couldn’t. Could they? OSU at home, at baylor, at Mizzou, and at A&M. It’s not impossible, but it’s definitely not easy. Plus, they’re not getting past OU.

Chance of going undefeated: 12%

More to come tomorrow.

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