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SPONSOR: S.J. Haggard & Co.

They’re still offering 20 percent off to PFB readers on Peter Millar and Southern Tide gear.




Welcome back S.J. Haggard & Co. in OKC. They are an October sponsor of Pistols Firing and I’m happy to have them.

Their OKC store location can be found here and they have assured me it is fully stocked for fall weather. They have all new merchandise from Cashmere sweaters, sport coats, and especially anything orange for all of you OSU-loving folks.

Give them a look and click on this link for more information about their company. It helps me, it helps them, there is nobody you aren’t helping in this situation.

They’re also still offering their 20 percent discount to PFB readers on OSU branded Peter Millar or Southern Tide gear if you just mention that you read the blog in their store.[1. Ed. note: Peter Millar gear is as good as it gets. I’ve gotten some of their golf stuff and it’s top notch.]

And if you like anything Coach Gundy or Coach Ford have worn, go by and get the same look, because they dress them both!

Check them out.

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