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Sponsorship opportunities on Pistols Firing

Football is right around the corner and PFB has three sponsorship slots left.



35 days. That’s how long we have until football starts.

Well…I know we have a little bit longer than that until Jameis Winston puts on his uniform for the first time in the regular season as a Heisman trophy winner but 35 days is when the real fun begins.

In 35 days it will be August 1st and the countdown will officially be on for Oklahoma State and Florida State in Dallas.

In the next 35 days I have three sponsorships to offer companies in Oklahoma (or anywhere) that want to partner with Pistols Firing for the rest of the year (ie: football season).

The three that I am currently partnering with that you see on here every day are Tulsa Federal Credit Union, Hoboken Coffee, and Resume Launch.

Three really great companies with strong Oklahoma State ties. It’s been really fun to partner with them and try to help their respective businesses along the way.

If you run a small business (like two of those three) or are part of a larger firm I’d love to get you some information on how you can help support Pistols Firing for the rest of 2014.

This show has always been a one-many operation (despite what Nolo and Amilian will try to tell you) so my prices are pretty low (I think) for the traffic this site can drive to your business. You will get your logo and more on the site and I’m pretty open to running special deals on whatever it is that you sell your tribe of followers.

Plus these partnerships allow me a little breathing room financially to keep cranking out quality OSU content for your viewing pleasure and would love to continue to do so for a long time. Sponsorships make that possible.

Let me know if you’re interested.

My personal email is kyle dot goodwin dot porter at gmail dot com. I would love to walk you through an ad kit, show you some numbers, and maybe help customize a sponsorship that would fit your needs as I’ve done with a lot of sponsors in the past. Don’t be afraid to inquire even if you don’t currently have the budget, either. I’m always open to a little bartering action.

Thank you, everyone, for your support of Pistols Firing.

And best of luck to Marcus and Markel tonight. May the 22-step handshakes with Adam Silver be bountiful.

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