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Stinks/Doesn’t Stink: OSU Basketball’s Senior Class, and Gundy Hunting

Let’s get it with three things from the last week.



After reviving the stinks/doesn’t stink column last week, Mike Gundy went hog hunting, Oklahoma State basketball’s senior class won its home finale, and the trio of Joey Graham, JamesOn Curry and Tony Allen made their way back to OSU — where they met up with Eddie Sutton courtside. Sometimes the content just writes itself.

Let’s get to this week’s column, where absolutely, positively it was a pretty great week all around.

1. The squad gets back together

I usually reserve my judgement to the end, but what the heck — this absolutely melted me. Does not stink one bit. A picture with JamesOn Curry, Joey Graham, Eddie Sutton and Tony Allen? 2004 me is jumping up and down and sideways.

Better yet, OSU managed to sneak out a home win — 73-61 over Iowa State — with this group back in town.

Verdict: Doesn’t stink!

2. Gundy hog hunting

Mike Gundy, giver of content, killer of hogs. The only flow that’s more amusing than his mullet is the endless content he provides. Here’s what he posted on his Twitter over the weekend, casually informing the public that he went hog hunting with his son and some guides:

How many other Division I head football coaches would do this, much less post about it? Mike Leach? Holgorson, maybe? The list has to be pretty short.

And oh, by the way, it’s an innocent post with no subtle messaging. But if you choose to interpret hog hunting as a nod to recent recruiting battles with Arkansas, I won’t stop you from going there. (Collin Clay did just transfer to OSU from Arkansas!)

Verdict: Doesn’t stink!

3. OSU basketball’s senior class

Marshall Scott wrote an incredibly well-done piece this week ahead of Senior Day on the four seniors — Cam McGriff, Thomas Dziagwa, Trey Reeves and Lindy Waters — who stuck it out at OSU through thick and thin. Read it.

It really got me thinking about how few hoopers in this day and age would have stuck out what they stuck out. I mean, Travis Ford recruited them but got fired before they arrived. That’s enough to make most recruits look elsewhere. But then they stood firm when Brad Underwood hired … then stood firm when he left … then stood firm when OSU hired Boynton out of left field … then stood firm when the FB-freaking-I came calling and indicted one of their assistant coaches. It’s unbelievable how much they endured during their time here!

And to show for it: one NCAA Tournament appearance, a couple of NIT wins, zero NCAA Tournament wins. I feel for them. But I also have mad respect for them. Amidst a turbulent few years in Stillwater, they stood loyal and true when they had zero reason to be loyal and true. What a bunch of dudes. I’ll remember this senior class fondly, and I hope you will, too.

Verdict: Doesn’t stink!

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