Stinks/Doesn’t Stink: Tommy Tuberville, TCU and a Bedlam Rematch

Written by Kyle Boone

The Week 4 edition of stinks/doesn’t stink is here. This week, we’re handing out verdicts on TCU, Tommy Tuberville and the prospects of a potential Bedlam rematch for the Big 12 championship.

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**Whispers** OSU is two touchdowns better than TCU.

Yes, I realize how insane that statement is. I sound like Joey Galloway trying to make a case for why Ohio State is now better than OU, even though the two literally settled that in Week 2 of the season.

But you can’t look at TCU and OSU and tell me that, assuming OSU’s entire offensive line is healthy, the Pokes don’t roll by two scores. OSU wins that game 7 out of 10 times. On a neutral field, OSU is likely a double-digit favorite. TCU is an above average team that has skated with a little luck and a favorable schedule, and is (probably) going to play for the Big 12 title in December. Which is less than ideal, because TCU might be the fourth best team in the league.

The Frogs have a good defense that looked subpar against OU, and their offense is a mirage, at best, as is the artist formerly known as Kenny Hill. Everyone knows this team is a phony. Can Bowlsby demand an OSU-TCU rematch for a shot at the conference title game?

Verdict: TCU stinks

Tommy Tuberville, the broadcaster

I’ve heard some bad television broadcasts through my 25 years, but never as awful as Saturday’s …. whatever it was, with Tommy Tuberville and Mike Patrick. There were a combined 91 points between the two teams and it came down to a game-saving INT, and yet I felt like I was watching a Wimbledon quarterfinal between Roger Federer and Juan Martin del Potro.

There was zero excitement, and the crew lacked the gumption in the games biggest moments to so much as raise their voice in an apparent tone of thrill. Instead, Tuberville whined about Big 12 defenses and rode the narrative until he was blue in the face. The only exciting thing they did in the broadcast was the hot mic after the game in which they were caught saying s***, d***head, and dump. I’m sure the Worldwide Leader was thrilled about that.

Verdict: Stinks

Bedlam 2.0

OSU fans after Bedlam: Gundy stinks, we can’t ever beat OU! 

OSU fans after realizing the Pokes aren’t completely out of the B12 title hunt: No, I don’t want a Bedlam rematch in the Big 12 title game! I’d rather TCU win out! I’ve seen that movie before!

That is … so weak.

Listen, I don’t understand a lot. But I know two things: The Cowboys appearing in the Big 12 title game would draw in a nice check for Oklahoma State. And a Bedlam rematch would be between the top two teams in the conference, records aside.

Sure, OSU would be an underdog against the Sooners in a rematch in Arlington. And by golly, OU might just roll by 25. But why not run it back? Why not want to see OSU roll it out one final time with all the chips down? For fear of losing to OU?!

Give me a rematch!

Verdict: Doesn’t stink


  • Chris

    I never thought anyone could make me prefer Petros Papadakis, but Tuberville did just that.

    • Bbjd

      My main thought of Saturday was I can’t believe Petros isn’t the worst announcer. I thought he was as unbeatable as Bama.

  • Timothy Nettlebottom

    I’m rooting for a re-match. Who wouldn’t want to see Baker get clobbered by Bundage a few more times?

    • Adam M.

      I’ll bet Bundage wants to ‘plays Baker’s games’ again too.

  • MarkJ

    I agree on all three points

  • Brian Cassens

    OSU every year- We are 2 plays from being undefeated and 2 plays away from 4 losses

  • guest

    It was obvious that the announcers did zero prep on the two teams other than interviewing Joel Lanning. Totally inept.

  • Gumby

    KB, at some point, at the risk of pissing off some of our fans, I think we need a “OSU Fans stink/don’t stink segment.

    • Alum in AZ

      Except how would you characterize “OSU fans”? We have a pretty broad distribution of mindset across frequent commenters on this site, even more for casual fans.

      • Gumby

        Message board fans – generally stink

  • Temp of the room

    Poll question idea:

    Would you rather-
    TCU win out and lose to OU and the CFP pick OSU to play in the NY6 Cotton Bowl (guaranteed in this scenario)
    TCU lose and we play OU. Win = NY6 Lose = Alamo

    • Temp of the room

      By “guaranteed in this scenario” I only mean in the context of the question. Not that we are guaranteed to be in a NY6 if TCU wins out and loses to OU

  • common sense

    I feel VERY good about a rematch against OU. I don’t know why, but I think we smoke them. The problem is, I just don’t see TCU losing another game, so I’m not going to get my hopes up too much.

    • frankwick

      even with a hobbled 28?

    • Bootstrap Bill

      You need to change your handle

    • Tbeezy

      Someone hasn’t watched enough Bedlam games.

  • SingingCowboy

    Did Tuberville and Patrick call our game too? I watched the game and 3/4 of the time I thought they were calling a game between the Hawkeyes (Iowa) and Oklahoma. At least that’s who they seemed to be talking about most of the time. I thought the Hawkeyes had changed school colors or something, until they scored 42 points and moved up and down the field by passing on us. Then I knew it wasn’t really the Hawkeyes.

    • Chris Baker

      Tommy seemed to be slipping in and out of coherence. He prepped for this as well as he prepped for coaching, which is why he’s in the booth and not on the sideline.

  • Chris Baker

    Tuberville is still butt hurt because he thinks he’s a coach, but empirical evidence shows otherwise. He’s a simple-mind, and it’s why he’s in the booth talking trash on big 12 defenses instead of getting housed by big 12 offenses like he did when he was a coach. He was, without a doubt, and without being biased for or against either team, the single worst announcer I can remember. We have other announcers whose bias bled into the broadcast and that’s annoying, but even those guys seem to have interesting things to say about the game and at very least seem like they want to be there. Tommy just seemed irritated that he isn’t good enough to coach, and decided to take it out on the listeners. He was boring to tears during a very good, exciting game between two ranked teams. At the end of the day maybe football isn’t Tommy Tuberville’s thing, maybe he should look into lawn care or data processing, anything other than coaching or talking about football where others are forced to listen.

    • austinpoke

      How ironic was it listening to Tubberville talk about how poor the Big 12 defenses are, when TTech had by far the worst defenses in the conference when he was their head coach.
      I would bet the overall conference defensive stats improved dramatically in the immediate years after he left the Tech job.

      • Tbeezy

        He also stems from the football back ground of “if you give up more than 30 points your defense is terrible”

        I bet he has no idea Points Per Drive is even a thing people are keeping track of.

        It always cracks me up when someone like Tuberville gets going and it’s like he’s not even watching the offenses LITTERED with NFL talent.

        Montgomery, Lazard, Ateman, Washington, Rudolph, Hill and all he could talk about is “big 12 defenses, other classic big 12 shootout”

  • Iceman

    TCU doesn’t stink. They’re pretty good. Beating us 3/10 times isn’t great but it’s way more than any other team on our schedule would aside from OU of course. They’re a top 15 team and they’re going to blow Tech out this weekend. They aren’t national title good but if the big 12 championship was selected like the national title I’d put them in over us every damn day of the week. They beat us and beat us handily. They are more consistent that us and play with better fundamentals than us. They are better coached than us in just about every department outside of the offense. If TCU stinks then we stink too.

    • Iceman

      May have spoken too soon about the Tech thing if their whole team is out with injury but excluding that possibility they’re winning.

    • Vince Stephenson

      TCU did Not beat us handily. The got every bounce & every call and had a 3 point lead late. Got their last TD on yet another mugging job by their Rt tackle. TCU has had higher ranked classes and has put more into the NFL since TCU joined the XII yet the better coached team is 3-6 against the Pokes ? HTF do U figure this.

      • Iceman

        Doesn’t matter to anyone how the sore got to be what it was. They did get every shred of luck to go there way but the fact is they won by 10 points and most people would consider that winning handily. You are up 2 scores after all. Also, in terms of coaching they have beat more teams worth beating than us during that time span and thats the only thing that matters. They don’t have half the advantages we do in terms of recruiting and yet they still out recruit us . They also have been in contention for a playoff berth more than we have. Just because they don’t always perform well against us doesn’t mean they’re not better coached than us. I’d also say we are better coached than OU (or at least were before Riley became HC) and no one needs to mention the bedlam record. The fact is they have a better record than us playing equal competition so if they stink we stink and I don’t think we stink.

        • Vince Stephenson

          All the bounces and calls and it’s a 3 point lead wt just a few minutes left n the game, late TD where their Rt tackle has the best tackle of the game against our DE, pushes it to 10, and U think that’s handily. ” They dont have half the advantages we do in recruiting” R U serious ? U do realize that they have more $$$ and put more $$$ into their program. They just built a Brand New stadium. Not a remodel of a 60 yr old one 10 years ago. And…their state is top 3 Every year in producing D1 talent. Head to Head trumps what they do against others…our coach and team have no control of that. If you R going to make opinionated comments about one coach is better than another…head to head makes just a lil more sense than what they do against other coaches. But I am curious about how OSU has twice the advantages in recruiting over TCU…please educate me, instead of just making flat out false statements.

          • Iceman

            They have to recruit against Texas, A&M, and every SEC school for recruits. They have no exclusive recruiting ground like we do and their facilities are not as nice as ours. Yes their stadium is newer but its also smaller and its still so out of date they just passed a 100 million$ program to renovate half of it. We have very advantage recruits actually care about. Housing, training facilities, better uniforms, more broad access to recruits and overall a better record over the past several years. There’s hardly a difference in players put into the NFL either. 18-14 since 2010 isn’t a significant difference. Even if it was that would imply they are being coached better proving my point while also supporting yours about better recruiting so I don’t think this metric really means anything. We also shouldn’t forget TCU wasn’t even in a major conference before the Big12 for 15 years. All of that means we should have an easier time recruiting but we don’t.

            Also why would you consider head to head more important than total performance? If Gundy went 1-11 every year but beat TCU every year who went 11-1 who would be better coached?

    • Shaniqua Boogi

      I dont think so, Texas Tech has more offense, TCU is beat up a little and they have an iffy offense.

      It should be close, OR its entirely lop sided because Hill doesnt play.

      Or maybe im just trying to be optimistic.

      Course that could happen and OSU pukes down their leg and loses to K state.

      • Iceman

        The last line is more likely than either of the of before mentioned ones IMO. With our secondary anything is possible even against a team with no QB.

    • Tbeezy

      “Beat us handily”

      Just curious. Are you talking about this year or 2014?

      • Iceman

        Both. If the fate of the game doesn’t rest on a singular play they beat you handily. That doesn’t mean they are better than you or that they should have won but to anyone outside of OSU they see a 13 point win. I’m sorry but a near two touchdown win is a sound victory. A touchdown or less and you can say that the game could have been different if a singular play had changed (just ask Iowa State). Obviously I know that it was much more of a game than the score made it seem but that doesn’t matter to anyone who didn’t watch the game which is 95% of the country.

  • Chris Stover

    We are second in the Big 12 right now. Tied with TCU. Yes we would have beaten TCU if we didn’t have 2 starters out on the o-line at the time. Bad timing.

    • Tbeezy

      Or if Mason would keep the ball with to his own team.

      I love Rudolph and a number of other things played into TCU & OU but he’s the Senior QB Heisman hopeful. If he plays a clean game and doesn’t have 6 TOs those are both wins in my mind.

      • T-Bone

        We had a chance even with those turnovers, Here’s hoping TTech can get some back from TCU

        • Tbeezy

          Yes we had a chance. But I’m saying he doesn’t turn it over we don’t need those final drives to take the lead bc we already have the lead.

    • Josh

      That was honestly the poorest display of coaching I have ever witnessed as an OSU fan, yeah we had 2 o linemen out but we ran the ball behind the 2 new o linemen. Bad timing and horrible coaching.

    • T-Bone

      And bad turnovers.

  • sean

    I watched a good portion of the fourth quarter on my phone on the WatchESPN app. The entire time I thought that for some strange reason the app had a different commentary voice over. The reaction from the commentators was a good 2 seconds after someone would score a touchdown. And even when they did react, it was with mild interest. I hope I never have to see them call a game again.

  • Tbeezy

    HOT TAKE: If Mason doesn’t turn the ball over 6 times vs TCU & OU he would be a big 12 champion and have put OSU in the driver seat for a playoff berth.

  • Wayne from Forty One

    All I got to say for right now is “Hand me a tortilla and GUNS UP, BABY!!!” If the taco breaths take care of business on Saturday and we don’t see at least one tortilla thrown in BP in salute I am going to be disappointed.

  • stepdaddy

    I can’t believe this but you are right all points. However, I did agree with Tubervilles criticism of the play calling on offense and defense and the bizarre timeout calls. I would love to see a rematch of OU/OSU. It was an epic game and I think the rematch would be epic as well. I am not confident in the outcome, but I would expect we would take them to wire again. Plus, it would give Rudolph one last chance to put dagger in Baker’s playoff and Hesimen hopes.

    • T-Bone

      I agreed when he criticized Gundy taking a knee with 30 seconds on the clock. Then the next day SD Chargers tried to throw screen pass with 30 seconds to halftime and it was intercepted by a lineman and the other team scored a TD.

  • T-Bone

    B12 Championship. ISU v OSU

  • David

    TCU beat us in Stillwater, they are the better team. Injuries are a part of football not an excuse for losses. Next man up…

    Edit: But let’s play again. 🕺

    • Iceman

      That’s the problem. If you are saying TCU stinks then we stink and I don’t think either of those are true. They weren’t as good as their ranking but everyone knew that and was just waiting for a second loss to drop them down to where we are. Directly ahead of us where they should be considering they actually have a top 20 win this season.

      • David

        I think TCU is a top ten team. I’d have us 8/9 if I was on the committee.

        • Iceman

          Yeah I’d have us both right around there as well.