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Superlatives From The Kansas State Game



A&M might have been more hyped but this one was scarier. OSU’s defense owned the second half in College Station? Tonight, Collin Klein embarrassed them. Am I complaining? No. I can’t, I experienced the Nathan Simmons era.

Let’s get to the highlights.

Best play: This one. It wasn’t the game winner but OSU trailed by one point and you could feel the thing slipping through their fingers. Then Weeden went all Heisman moment on us and Blackmon found the heezy…

Fashion statement by an old guy: Bill Snyder in his Holiday Bowl rain jacket. There are only a few rational explanations here, right? Either he forgot what game this was, lost all his other K-State gear, or is just foreshadowing the postseason for his fan base. All pretty realistic considering he’s 72, right?

Fashion statement by a young guy: It looked like Gundy was in a Joe Wickline practice-worn dri-fit t-shirt. Seriously, you’re the coach of the #2 team in the country. Mix in a polo.

Ref look-alike contest: The two best I heard for the head ref were Garth Brooks and Les Miles. Both would make outstanding officials.

Best uniform detail: I finally noticed this last night, but there’s a gray/silver Pistol Pete outline on the front of OSU’s helmets. It’s inscribed into a little tab right above the face mask and pretty tough to decipher but it looks awesome.

Who wore it best: This is Justin Gilbert’s award to lose most every week, but Shaun Lewis gave him a run for his money last night. He looks scary in black.

Beast Mode of the game: Blackmon slung some poor K-State DB to the ground on his first TD of the game to make it 14-0. I thought the rout was on. Little did I know…

Stat ESPN will love: K-State had the ball for 40:49, OSU had it for 19:11.

Stat OSU fans should love: The Cowboys were held to 72 rush yards and were -2 in the turnover department, and still managed to beat the #14 team in the country.

Student section play of the night: The Zach Galifianakis big head next to the ones of Weeden and Blackmon. Well done.

Subtlety I love: When Blackmon flips the ball to the ref. Very Barry of him.

Non-subtlety I love: When Randle does the two-armed fling-the-ball-down in the endzone thing after he scores. Like a weird variation of the Cam Newton Superman celebration.

They finally got it right: To Herbstreit and Musburger for talking about how smooth and fast Weeden is out of the shotgun. And for all the people who think this is a system, how many times have you seen Tom Brady under center lately?

Best postgame article from a national media member: This from David Ubben.

Injury I’m scared about: Michael Harrison. How many WR can OSU lose before we start to worry?

Person who hit the panic button too quickly in the first half: Me.

Linebacker who doesn’t get enough credit: James Thomas

Argument I love: The ‘they can’t stop anybody on defense and that’s going to be a problem for them” argument. When? There are only 3 games left!

Statistical probability I think matters more than most: Deferring to the second half. I hate it when OSU has to receive first. You’re not that warm, not in the flow of the game, and there’s not really any momentum.

Unit I’m proud of: The 58,000 and change that made the trek. Bedlam should have 60. It’s going to be four hours of pandemonium.

Team Brent had cash on: Kansas State. Possibly large amounts.

Fan quote of the night: Keep in mind this about two minutes after OSU escaped its own personal BCS hell while the students were swaying with the players and loyal + true meant “we’ll see you on December 3rd.” My wife goes:

Weeden’s haircut looks terrible.

Awesome, just what I need.

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