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Superlatives: Kansas State Game



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Photo Attribution: US Presswire

Winners: Kansas State fans, Allen Chapman (all the picks!), Clint Chelf, white receivers, people with mute buttons on their TVs.

Losers: Justin Gilbert (copy paste), OSU’s turnover margin, Brent and Herbie, Notre Dame fans, OU fans (not a very good shot at the Big 12 title now), whoever has to carry the WVU-OSU game next week.

Best play: Lunt2Hays for six. It was all downhill from there.

Worst play: The pick six was horrendous, both as a read and the time at which it came — like I said in my 10 thoughts it’s nearly impossible to go down two scores to a Snyder-coached team and realistically expect to come back.

Best player: Chelf — he was a very oddly successful mixture of Lunt and Walsh. And he came in and started throwing like he’d been the starter all year. When I saw him drop back on his first play I thought “oh, a pass on his first snap is interesting” and all he did all night was throw seeds a the #2 team in the country on the road. Bravo, #10, bravo.

Uniform Heisman: Daytawion Lowe looked terrific. I like him bringing back the old school black on white socks thing.

Quote: Gundy on OSU’s special teams: “We failed.”

Photo of the game: See top of post.

Unintentional metaphor of the game: Lunt dry heaving on the sideline after his third pick. We all were, bro, we all were.

Tweeter of the game: Seth Newton (former WR) had some jewels…

Stat of the night: Wes Lunt now has more picks than 45 other college football teams. And this was his third real game.

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