Superlatives: Kansas State Game

Written by Kyle Porter
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Photo Attribution: US Presswire

Winners: Kansas State fans, Allen Chapman (all the picks!), Clint Chelf, white receivers, people with mute buttons on their TVs.

Losers: Justin Gilbert (copy paste), OSU’s turnover margin, Brent and Herbie, Notre Dame fans, OU fans (not a very good shot at the Big 12 title now), whoever has to carry the WVU-OSU game next week.

Best play: Lunt2Hays for six. It was all downhill from there.

Worst play: The pick six was horrendous, both as a read and the time at which it came — like I said in my 10 thoughts it’s nearly impossible to go down two scores to a Snyder-coached team and realistically expect to come back.

Best player: Chelf — he was a very oddly successful mixture of Lunt and Walsh. And he came in and started throwing like he’d been the starter all year. When I saw him drop back on his first play I thought “oh, a pass on his first snap is interesting” and all he did all night was throw seeds a the #2 team in the country on the road. Bravo, #10, bravo.

Uniform Heisman: Daytawion Lowe looked terrific. I like him bringing back the old school black on white socks thing.

Quote: Gundy on OSU’s special teams: “We failed.”

Photo of the game: See top of post.

Unintentional metaphor of the game: Lunt dry heaving on the sideline after his third pick. We all were, bro, we all were.

Tweeter of the game: Seth Newton (former WR) had some jewels…

Stat of the night: Wes Lunt now has more picks than 45 other college football teams. And this was his third real game.

  • Pat

    Wes lunt may be the only started in OSU history to have a pick 6 in 3/4 games that he has played, and is 100% agains D1 teams in pick 6’s

    • R00st3rPokes


  • OSUaggie

    We got anymore quarterbacks in the trunk of the Chevy?….Chelf was a pleasant surprise; really didn’t expect him to execute as well as he did, but man!!! I know Walsh played in a couple, but it seems like we lose a QB about every 1.5 games…..I’m perfectly good riding Chelf the rest of the season….assuming we keep him healthy….

  • Marlena

    I can’t stand Brent and knowing Herbie would talk more about the Bama/LSU game like last year, I honored the mute button on the TV and plugged in Dave on the radio. Bad thing was the radio ended up about two plays ahead of TV but I knew about Lunt way before the TV began taking notice. Nothing beats Dave on the radio!

  • Chase

    Chelf amazed me with his run throw combo. He came out firing good passes but when it wasnt there he would run outside the pocket and keep his eyes downfield unitl the last minute(keeping the def playing pass) and then take off and gained good yardage. He picked his spotts to run and was very good at it.

  • G-Block

    My immediate thought after the game was remembering back to the days of yore when Pat Jones benched Ronnie Williams and put in a freshman named Mike Gundy at quarterback. The reason? Too many turnovers.

    I have been, and still am, a fan of Wes Lunt. However, there has to come a time when you owe it to your team to play someone who gives you a chance to win. We have all read how his touchdown – turnover ratio in high school was off the charts. But maybe Lunt needs more time acclimating to the speed of the college game. Or it might help if he practiced against an A-list secondary.