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Superlatives: Texas



NCAA Football: Texas at Oklahoma State

Photo Attribution: US Presswire

Winners: Screengrabs, Desmond Roland, Twitter (always), Vegas (Texas covered up -3), David Ash, OSU offensive line, Fox ratings, Major Applewhite fist pumps, OSU’s downfield blocking, RB shimmies, BPS crowd.

Losers: Justin Gilbert, Texas’ secondary, Big 12 refs, the Texas coach at the end of this run, OSU special teams, Gus’ voice (he smokes!), my Justin Gilbert love affair, whoever had to sit next to Monken, face guarding, throwing on the run.

Best play: The Randle shimmy. Runner up: Walsh hit Tracy Moore over the middle in the middle of the third quarter with maybe the hardest pass he’s ever thrown. You might not remember it but it was big time. Also this pick by Tyler Johnson.

Worst play: The Walsh pick was pretty bad. He stared down his receiver for 3+ seconds.

Best player: Joe Randle was magnificent. He answered the bell over and over again and had this truck stick move in the 4th quarter to top off what was a litany of highlight reel plays.

Worst player: Justin Gilbert was horrendous. Like Amilian said after the game, maybe Mel Kiper will remove him from his big board so Gilbert will start seeing how awesome he’s not.

“God, why?!” moment: All three of Texas’ fourth down conversions. Javorskie Lane flashbacks.

Uniform Heisman: Loved Blake Jackson in the black gloves, OJ-style (too soon?)

Quote: Mack Brown: “Best crowd I’ve seen up here…They gave their guys a standing ovation after they lost. I don’t think I’ve seen that before.”

Other quote: Monken: “J-dub is a heart-beats-like-a-dog leader, always in front. That’s just him.”

Photo of the game: Well, this probably

Other photo: Definitely this one.

Tweeter of the game: @andrewmitch didn’t tweet very much but he was on fire when he did.

Stat of the night: OSU is now 0-2 when wearing a uniform combo they’ve already worn. Via @super_Ewilliams

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