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Superlatives: West Virginia



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Photo Attribution: US Presswire

Winners: headset manufacturers (WVU needs plenty of new ones), Clint Chelf, kickers and punters, Murphy’s (see here), WVU airline miles, ABC’s budget (how many commercials were there?!), Josh Stewart.

Losers: AT&T, RanWild (Wildcat) formation, kick and punt returners, OSU’s sound guy, wind,

Best play: The reverse pitch to Josh Stewart for six was fantastic. It’s even better when you imagine the fact that Dana probably installed it when he was here.

Worst play: Tavon Austin, my man, you had no shot at getting out of the way of that Quinn Sharp skybomb. I know you tried but Sharp put a spell on it right before he kicked it and it was always going to bounce off you, no matter what you did.

Best player: Josh Stewart and Quinn Sharp were both spectacular. Also, this might literally be the only thing they’ll ever have in commong.

Uniform Heisman: Shamiel Gary – no pencil-thin wristbands up and down his arms and legs, just a simple gloves plus mid-calf black socks look. Clean. Several people nominated Quinn Sharp but I’m not a huge fan of the tights under the pants. I’m not a huge fan of tights on guys in general. Call me crazy.

“God, why?!” moment: When it ended. I want to play this one twice a year.

Quote: This one was simple, but awesome.

Photo of the game: all three of these were great — Gilbert | Dana | Weeden

Tweeter of the game: n/a, I couldn’t check Twitter while in the stands. We’ll return to this one next week…

Stat of the night: From 2008-2011, three different QBs started games that OSU ended up winning. Three different QBs have started games OSU ended up winning in the last four weeks.

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