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Tech Superlatives



When you roll a team 66-6, pretty much everything is a superlative, but here were some of the best from Saturday.

Best play: I don’t know if it was the best, but Weeden2Stewart for 66 and a TD at the end of the third was definitely the prettiest.

I’m really glad: Tech already got their “how int he world did that happen” W out of the way this year.

Strangest sideline report: Shelley Smith reporting that Justin Blackmon had to put a band-aid on because he scraped his knee.

Best uniform (part I): Justin Gilbert for his David Wright orange-sleeves-under-the-jersey impression.

Best uniform (part II): Cooper Bassett for having a small to medium-sized child hidden under his shoulder pads and calling it a “neck roll.”

How does he do it: What’s with Sharp being able to boot it out of both endzones? Did OSU just have the most fortuitous wind situation ever, or what?

“No, no, no, no” play: Weeden trying to horsecollar a Tech defensive player after Randle coughed it up in the second half. Just let it go, B-Weeds, just let it go.

Quote of the game: Gundy on how long he should keep the starters in to keep them sharp – “If I knew I’d bottle it up.”

Best move: Joseph Randle’s stutter step break-it-down move when he gets into the second level is devastating.

Wait, WTF: Josh Stewart has an upper ear earring?

I’m lol: At Monken saying they weren’t going to run then running it on the first three plays of the game.

Stat of the game: OSU has 1 defensive shutout, LSU has 0.

Stat OSU fans should love: Only 3 penalties for the Cowboys. It’s been one of the most underrated stories of the year, especially after they finished 108th in this category last year.

Picture the Texas Tech admissions office can’t be happy about:

A pair of non-OSU videos you really need to watch:

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