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Texas Game Superlatives




Over… when Ford removed Keiton with 35 seconds left, wrapped him in a bear hug, gave him a pretty decent white guy low five/handshake, and let the crowd envelop them in noise. Quite a moment for the Pawnee Pistol.

OSU Won… because they shot 56 free throws. 56! They shot a Dimaggio hit streak’s worth of free throws. The Big 12 record in a game is 59 but that was set by A&M in a 5OT game back in 2008. OSU also made more free throws than it attempted field goals. You’re not going to lose a lot of games like that.

What… about Mike Cobbins pouring in 12 points, seven boards, and four blocks! He was all over the floor during the second half too and remains, whether by Ford’s choice or his own talent, the only viable low post player for OSU.

Why… could this team not make a small to get your hopes sky high-sized run in the Big 12 tournament?

Where… are all the haters right now saying Ford should be fired, Nash sucks, and this team is in the toilet? People should be in love with this team right now and there’s no reason to think they can’t go dancing in March of 2013.

How… far has this team come? They moved more in the first half on screens and backdoor cuts than they did during the entire month of December.

Who… should I put a “he’s so overrated” hex on next now that Keiton has been taken care of?

Stat – 40 and 36. The first is the number of points Keiton had today and the second is the number of points he’s had in the rest of his career against Texas in the regular season (including two 0-point outings).

Quote – Le’Bryan Nash on Keiton Page: “I thought it was a high school for him. I’ve seen those highlights.”

Hero – Duh.

Goat – It’s hard to call him a goat considering he came within one of tying the freshman steals record (ESPN initially had him for seven but later changed it to six), but Brian Williams went 4-10 from the line and that could have been costly late. Plus, he did this.

Grade – A- The free throw woes and stalling out in the middle of the second half kept this from turning into an out and out rout.

Next – at OU on Wednesday night. Huge road test for a team still trying to prove itself outside of GIA.

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