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Texas Preview



Photo Attribution: Icon SMI

Teams: #6 Oklahoma State 5-0 (2-0) vs. #22 Texas 4-1 (1-1)
Time: 2:30 PM CST
TV: ABC (coverage map)
On the call: Matt Millen, Sean McDonough, and Samantha Steele

Kickoff: OSU comes out for the encore to their virtuoso performance last weekend against the Jayhawks. Now, if they hang 70 on Texas in Austin I’m booking the cheapest Hampton Inn two-bed suite New Orleans has for January 7-10. They won’t, but if they do I expect all of you to hold me to that.

I’m about as comfortable with leads against Texas as I am being stranded on a deserted island with Mark Mangino and nothing to eat for two weeks so I’ll be glued to this one until the end. Texas isn’t on OSU’s level and their quarterback situation is a disaster, but I can’t shake this feeling that OSU is going to be tested in a big way come 2:30 tomorrow.

For entertainment purposes:
Spread: Cowboys -7
Over/Under: 64.5

As always, I see the over getting blown by (you can’t take me and over/unders seriously anymore) and OSU covering up -7. I really think it’s either going to be OSU by, like, 20 or a 1-point game either way. I don’t think Texas is going to win by, say, 6 or OSU is going to win by something like 9.

Interesting gambling note that Quade wasn’t impressed by in our podcast yesterday: you could have put $1K on OSU +3 this summer and $1K on Texas +7 today and had a 10-point middle ground that would have doubled your money if the margin fell in it. Example: if you made those two bets and OSU won by 5 you would have won your OSU +3 bet but you would have also won your Texas +7 bet.

A few stats you should know:

    1. Texas hasn’t given up a first quarter TD this year.
    1. Oklahoma State is 3-22 all-time against Texas. Wow.
    1. Since 2009 Oklahoma State has the best record in the Big 12 (14-4) – Texas is 3rd (10-7)
  • What I’m excited about: Texas has seven cornerbacks – four sophomores and three true freshmen. Who’s covering Blackmon?

    OSU will win if: They get any stops on defense. Like, maybe literally any.

    How worried I am (out of 10):

    Uniform prediction:

    I already predicted this once, to no avail, but I’m going with an ode to Texas’ gorgeous road unis by OSU this weekend.

    Gun to my head: OSU 43-20 – Texas is talented, more talented than most are giving them credit for. They aren’t going to roll over and they’ve got some McCoy magic back behind center, but OSU is just better. They just are and it would be a devastating blow to not go down there and take care of business.

    Give me your predictions below!

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