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NCAA Football: UL Lafayette at Oklahoma State

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Our resident podcast/gambling novice[1. He’s going to have to prove something before he gets an ‘expert’ title], Matty Amilian, will be bringing you this fun little fake gambling post from here on out for the rest of the Big 12 schedule. Enjoy!

For someone who doesn’t gamble (outside of the PFB crew’s weekly $1 12-team progressive parlay[2. It’s gone about as well as you’d expect a 12-team progressive parlay to go.]), I love following game lines, over/unders, prop bets, all of it. Let’s celebrate the start of Big 12 play with some lines and prop bets. I’m Vegas. No risk. No Payout.

How do you think the Cowboys will fare against the Longhorns? Place your “bets” in the comments section.

1)   OSU +2.5 or Texas -2.5 for the game. At this number, I might as well ask…who wins? I mean, if it were a pick em’ game, would your answer be different?

2)   Over/Under Total Points: 67

3)   More rushing yards: OSU or Texas? Two top fifteen teams nationally in terms of rushing yards per game. The weakness of the Longhorns’ defense is their linebackers so if OSU’s O-line can create holes, the Randle-Smith duo could have a day. On the other hand, I can’t tell you anything about OSU’s rush defense because I can’t tell you anything about this defense in general.  Well, other than they have “improved”.

4)   Which will be greater: Stewart’s receiving yards or total plays OSU runs? All it will take is for Stewart to break one, but Texas is well aware of the relationship he has with Walsh. If J.W. is under behind center, they’ll be keying on Stewart.

5) Over/Under

a. Walsh Passing Yards: 235
b. Lunt Passing Yards: 275

I expect Walsh to start, but we’ll throw out a number for each QB. The line applies to whichever QB starts. These could be terrible numbers as they’re based on nothing except that Texas’ D is supposed to be pretty stout.

6) Over/Under Longest Field Goal by Quinn Sharp: 43.5 yards. We know he can hit from beyond 50, but will he get the opportunity? If we can’t win the national title we might as well cheer for the Groza!

7) Which will be greater: Number of OSU turnovers or number of times we hear the “Ole” chant from the marching band? I want to win, but I hope it’s the former. I’m not even sure if I’m kidding. I can’t stand that chant. Same with the U-S-O thing. When did we become so bad at creating cool crowd traditions?  That topic deserves its own post.

Let’s see your picks!

UPDATE: OKC Dave made a slick Google doc so you can actually fill them out here.

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