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The Texas Rangers Are Investigating Baylor and its Sexual Assault Scandal



One Texas legislator is fed up with the ongoing sexual assault scandal taking place at Baylor, and wants the state’s best on the job to join the investigation.

Texas state representative Roland Gutierrez filed HR 644 last week asking Texas governor Greg Abbot to have the Texas Rangers investigate “the obstruction of justice surrounding the sexual assault of young female students at Baylor University,” according to legislation documents.

That investigation began today, according to ESPN’s Mark Schlabach:

“The Texas Rangers are working with the local prosecutor to conduct a preliminary investigation to determine if further action is warranted,” Tom Vinegar, press secretary for the Texas Department of Public Safety told ESPN.

The investigation will focus on the handling — or mishandling — of allegations of sexual assault by students at Baylor.

“What has happened here in Waco, what happened at Baylor, is so far different from any university in the state,” State Rep. Roland Gutierrez told ESPN. “We can’t stop bad things from happening, but we sure as hell can demand accountability. We sure as hell can demand that people protect our children.”

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