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The 10 Best OSU Rushing Performances Against Texas of the Gundy Era



Coming into Saturday’s game with the 1-2 Texas Longhorns, I spent a bit of time reflecting on Gundy’s first ten seasons versus the Horns. The relationship has been a tortured one, with Texas using a variety of methods to break Cowboy hearts. Never gets old, does it?

With 2015 being the 11th installment of Gundy vs. Burnt Orange, I’m hoping for a heavy dose of Chris Carson and the Cowboy run game. That being said, I’ve taken a look at 2005-2014 to select the ten best rushing performances by Cowboy running backs versus Texas in the Gundy era.

10. Desmond Roland – 2014 (5 carries, 21 yards, 0 touchdowns)

An awful Texas team came into Stillwater last season and beat up on the equally awful (at that time) Cowboy squad. I’ve watched paint dry and found more reasons to cheer than I did during this one.

Des Roland (USATSI)

Des Roland (USATSI)

Desmond Roland, as big/lumbering/powerful as he may have been, was entirely ineffective. The line did him no favors, either. The performance lands him in last place here. Longhorns won 21-7.

9. Keith Toston – 2006 (7 carries, 48 yards, 0 touchdowns)

This one featured the Cowboys going into Austin and playing the No. 4 Longhorns. As expected, it wasn’t close.

Longhorns won 36-10 and the ground game was entirely ineffective.

8. Keith Toston – 2009 (19 carries, 70 yards, 0 touchdowns)

There was reason for Cowboy fans to hope going into this one. The boys from Stillwater were actually ranked No. 13 in the nation at the time.

Alas, No. 3 Texas walked all over us to the tune of 41-14. Toston was given his opportunities, but it clearly didn’t work out.

7. Dantrell Savage – 2007 (23 carries, 103 yards, 1 TD)

This was one of those torture games I was referring to earlier. The Cowboys jumped out to a 14-0 lead just 3 minutes into the game and all was well in in the world.

In true Texas fashion, the Longhorns marched all the way back and ended up squeaking out a 38-35 victory. Dantrell Savage was effective on the ground, the first instance of a Cowboy back getting anything going at all on this list.

6. Clint Chelf – 2013 (10 carries, 95 yards, 2 touchdowns)

I know, I know—Clint Chelf was not a running back. But his performance on the ground in 2013 was instrumental in the Cowboys winning 38-13.

The Pokes were ranked No. 12 at the time and a win over the No. 24 Longhorns was a sweet one. Choo Choo left the station and ran buck wild.

5. Mike Hamilton – 2005 (31 carries, 194 yards, 0 touchdowns)

This one hurts to write and I remember it like it was yesterday. The Cowboys were up 28-9 at one point and lead 28-12 at half. As a young man, I was on top of the world.

Enter Vince Young.

VY ended up rushing for 267 (!) yards on the Cowboys and the Pokes didn’t score again after halftime. Texas went on to win by a score of 47-28, and later went on to win the national championship. Mike Hamilton doesn’t find himself higher on this list because (A) No touchdowns, and (B), I refuse to apply positive memories to this game.

4. Kendall Hunter – 2008 (18 carries, 161 yards, 1 touchdown)

More heartbreak is good for your soul, right? Kendall Hunter and the Cowboys hung tight with the No.1  Longhorns in this one, as he racked up big yardage and a score on the ground.

Zach Robinson’s hail mary fell incomplete as the final seconds ticked away, and the Pokes were left with another near miss. Longhorns won 28-24.

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 12.24.37 PM

3. Kendall Hunter – 2010 (23 carries, 116 yards, 2 touchdowns)

Coming in as the No. 10 team in the BCS, the Cowboys were expected to win this one. Thankfully, behind Kendall Hunter’s legs, they were able to do just that. The yardage fails to match some of the guys lower on the list, but this was a big time performance in a big game. Pokes win 33-16.

2. Joseph Randle – 2012 (25 carries, 199 yards, 2 touchdowns)

Joe Randle makes an appearance at No. 2, in what would have been the number one performance if not for a questionable call at the goal line.

Joe Randle (USATSI)

Joe Randle (USATSI)

Randle ran buck wild. The Cowboys did what they needed to do. And then—AND THEN—Joe Bergeron fumbled at the goal line for Texas in what could have sealed the game for the Pokes. As the story goes, the fumble was never called; the Big XII apologized and then said they never apologized….and the Pokes walked out with a 41-36 loss.

I’m not still bitter. 

1. Jeremy Smith – 2011 (7 carries, 140 yards, 2 touchdowns)

As if 2011 could have ever been anywhere other than number one on this list, Jeremy Smith had the game of his lifetime in this one. The yardage was great, sure, 140 yards is nothing to shake a stick at. But on seven carries? SEVEN?

Dr. Biceps ran roughshod for 20 yards per carry, hit pay dirt twice and the #6 Cowboys won 38-26 in a game that wasn’t as close as the final score indicates. Oh, 2011. Oh how I love thee, yet you haunt me still.

There you have it. Let me know your thoughts, complaints, ideas, etc. The comments section exists for a reason. 

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