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The best College GameDay signs

The best from GameDay in Stillwater on Saturday.



Screen Shot 2013-11-23 at 8.56.20 AM

• Breaking Baylor in the Breaking Bad font was solid

• Is this the line for Catching Fire

• Lou Holtz for Prethident

• Man scale. Griner > Thayer

Screen Shot 2013-11-23 at 8.06.53 AM

• I Petty the fool

• Incognito for pledge trainer

• Finebaum lives with his mom

• They pray we pay let’s play (via @clintosu)

• Even Peta can’t save the Bears

• Buck the Fears

• Baylor has never seen a girl tarpless

• Jameis Winston, you are the father

• It took three Robert Griffins to win a Heisman

• Marcus Smart 4 Heisman

• Jim Traber ate my sign.

• Amazing.

• If you can read this you’re not an OU fan.

• Gundy is a man. This sign has more facts than Sports Illustrated

h/t @willhendrickson

h/t 30FPS

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