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The best GIFs from OSU-Kansas State

The first drive and two defensive plays and yeah, that’s about it.



There wasn’t a lot to get excited about on Saturday but we do have that first drive.

Here are the last seven plays from it:

Tyreek is one of the few players OSU has that can overcome a bad offensive line.

More of this. A lot more.

I like this play even though I don’t like it to the short side of the field. Sort of reminiscent of the old Les Miles-Tatum Bell pitch play where Josh Fields would fake the inside handoff and go outside to Bell.

Tyreek and the seam — a romantic novel.

This is not a bad play — I don’t understand going away from it.

And the only two other things worth talking about — Emmanuel Ogbah’s sack and Ramon Richards’ pick-six.

Oh, and this.

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