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The Best of Social Media this Offseason



OSU athletes are all over the social media world, luckily just enough to keep us engaged this offseason. Now that the offseason is officially over, here’s the best sights from around social media and fall camp.

Chris Carson is healthy and hungry. And very much shredded.

Hey, so is Chris Lacy.

Nothing's ever given to you, gotta take it

A post shared by Chris Lacy II (@_clacy) on

The basketball team went paintballing. Lots of team building in the offseason.

One of these freshmen will play tonight – Darrion Daniels.^tfw

Jhajuan Seales is an animal.

@osu_81 #bodybyglass #espn #OSU #Football #osuathletics @espn #ncaa

A post shared by Dexter Blair (@_d_blair) on

This dude got a well-deserved contract, then Boone Pickens sent an awesome tweet.

Work!!!!!!!!!!! #ThrowupTheX

A post shared by Dez Bryant (@dezbryant) on

This was my favorite.

Jeff Newberry still has all the bunnies.

QB1 switched from No. 10 to No. 2.


A post shared by Mason Rudolph (@rudolph2mason) on

He even showed us the guns.

Summer #2 down ?? Fall camp next

A post shared by Chris Lacy II (@_clacy) on

So did Ogbah and Bean. But good grief….

This picture happened.

We learned OSU’s new freshman, Davon Dillard, can throw it down.

A post shared by Davon Dillard (@ddillard24) on

Quick pump up to get your mind right for tonight.

It’s gameday.



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