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The best OSU football video I’ve seen

One of the coolest OSU videos I’ve ever seen with my commentary added.



Probably, anyway.

With commentary…

0:01 — Amazing music choice, just perfect for this type of video.

0:17 — I will die if we ever throw these babies back. I mean I need Calvin Barnett’s belly hanging out of a see-through too-short jersey as little as everybody else but these are so much awesome. And with the old-school OSU helmet, gahh!

0:24 — Seriously, I know the kids hate ’em (et al) but…so clean.

0:30 — Mean (potentially cross-eyed) Pete > Scary Pete with the red eyeball.

0:34 — Nathan Simmons likely gained 100 yards in this game, thus the celebration.

0:47 — I know Zac to Dez and Weeden to Blackmon were pretty great, but this one is tough to beat. I wonder how much throwup Gundy gets in his mouth when he watches JW Walsh and Charlie Moore try to run this.

1:10 — Good job, good effort. If I would have froze the frame when Barry first came on screen and this wasn’t produced by OSU (it was just some random video on YouTube), how much of your money would you have bet Barry didn’t get tackled? All of it, yes?

1:26 — One of my favorite BPS moments ever. No. 1 Texas on the ropes at our place(!), man, it was something. Then….second half.

1:48 — Walt Garrison likely knew all of these women…well.

1:53 — I just missed the zone read for like .0002 seconds.

2:19 — Can’t include this and not include the pass over the middle on 4th down to TD Bryant. Changed Les Miles’ career, or at least accelerated it.

2:22 — Walsh’s arm has precedent!

2:48 — I think the Nebraska win was the first time you kind of said “OK, what do we have here? Can we be a national competitor[1. We got a pretty resounding answer.]?”

2:58 — Aaron Hernandez called and said “wow, that’s violent.”

3:10 — The orange-orange-white combo actually looked really solid right there [re-does uniform rankings].

3:37 — I’ll take it to my sports fan grave: Dez > Blackmon.

3:45 — Youngsters, Alonzo Mayes was like if Nigel Nicholas could run and catch.

4:11 — It’s weird to see Weeden wearing “4,” it’s astounding to think (still) that he made that throw. I remember gasping out loud as I watched it in person.

Awesome, awesome video.

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