The best players by number in OSU history

Written by OKC Dave

Quick…who comes to mind when you think No. 15 in OSU basketball? Lucas or Rutherford?

How about No. 35? Houston or Adkins?

Let’s get to work. I added up the minutes and points for each player in the Sutton/Ford era — and *only* the Sutton/Ford era (Byron Houston does not get credit for minutes and points in the Hamilton era).

Why minutes and points?

Points are obvious, that’s what the game is about. I threw in minutes because I think players deserve credit for earning playing time in an OSU uniform regardless of how many points they put up.

Let’s look at a tough one: No. 23. James Anderson scored the most points while wearing Jordan’s number. But for as much as he gave to OSU fans, no one gave more effort than the warrior…Ivan McFarlin. IMac scored fewer points, but his minutes put him over the top.

There is no right answer on some of these, and I don’t necessarily agree with all of them (#24 belongs to Tony and no one else), but this is just for fun. So here goes…

Screen shot 2014-03-06 at 10.42.58 AM

  • Nate

    Curry over Allen is LOL worthy.
    Baker > Harris
    Smart > Moses
    Forte needs to be moved to 13

  • Okstate2011

    Is #53 a family number with the Cox’s?

    • Nolo

      I chose 53 because it’s a prime number and I’m a prime time player!

      Actually 53 happened to be the number on the extra jersey that was lying around the equipment room when I walked on, so that’s what I got. My brother wore 30 last year (same scenario), but this year was allowed to pick his number this year, so he changed it to 53 to honor his big (shorter) brother.

      • T-Bone

        Aha, so were the minutes and points split between 30 and 53? Who are the other infamous #53’s

  • Okstate2011

    Where’s Nick Sidorakis

    • @okc_dave

      3rd place behind Randy & JL3 at #15.

  • Ross Gillispie

    I don’t know if I agree with all of them, or even the methodology in evaluating them (a per game average would be more accurate I would assume). But I think the awesome thing is to look down the list at guys who laid it all out on the floor. Obviously Marshall Moses isn’t the basketball player that Marcus Smart is, but I would say they’re equally fun to watch.

    • Ty

      You would say Moses is equally as fun to watch as Smart? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

      • Ross Gillispie

        Maybe I got a little over zealous with the comment. However, if you can watch a full game with Moses and not get pumped, I’d have to say that you need your pulse checked. He did have that scary sideways release though..

    • @okc_dave

      “I don’t know if I agree with all of them, or even the methodology in evaluating them ”

      Same here

  • Alum in AZ

    Nice summary. How hard would it be for you to include the 80’s by taking in Hansen and Hamilton’s players’ stats as well? Curious to see how many would make the list.

    • @okc_dave

      Might do that some day.

  • Poke

    Points/minute, Dave. Doesn’t make sense why you’d add the two…

    • Fred

      He explained it in the opening. It gives credit not only to scorers, but also to folks who put in a lot of court time without being big on scoring.

  • Pokes.

    some great players battling for 23, 24, and 34. Those six listed have got to be some of my favorite players to wear the cowboy jersey since the Eddie era.

  • Alum in AZ

    Not complaining, but the minutes part of the equation seems to really skew the results. Using basic box score numbers, how about something like [(total points+rebounds+assists+steals)/games]+[(total minutes/games)/4]? This gives weight to the traditional stat line while also getting credit for non-stat line floor-time contribution (setting picks, position defense, taking charges, etc.). The “divide by 4” on the minutes is arbitrary – but basically says playing all 40 minutes is equivalent to scoring 10 points. Just a thought, and easy for me to say since I am not pulling the stats. 🙂

    • @okc_dave

      I agree there are better ways to do this. I threw this together while watching TV last night…might come back to it later with some more thought. Just wanted to generate some discussion, which has been successful.

  • Kurt

    Jack Marlow! True story, I once heard a fan compare Marlow to Shaquille O’Neal. It was one of my favorite eavesdrops of all time.

  • Chino_05

    What I took away from this was the realization that Keiton Page is the all time minutes leader in this era. Wow

    • @okc_dave

      He is the all-time minutes leader at OSU.

      • Chino_05

        Can that be crazy and not surprising at the same time?

        Good work Dave – I like looking at stuff like this!

  • Jared

    The thing that jumped out at me is looking at how many points these players scored per minute. Joey Graham and Boggan were monsters in this category. Joey scored .54 points per minute and Boggan scored .56! That’s being efficient with your minutes. I looked at this quickly but it doesn’t look like anybody else averaged over .5 points per minute. This is probably due in part that they are transfer players and had already developed their game by the time they got to OSU. Very interesting.

    • Jared

      Just saw Big country, he averaged .57 points per minute. Now that’s impressive since he played a full college career at OSU

  • CBW

    What? Mason Cox makes your list and Frans Steyn, Daniel Bobik, and Tyler Hatch doesn’t. Pretty weak OKC Dave. Pretty weak.

    • Chris

      Do you understand the purpose of the post?

  • CRFF

    I’m coming back as #41, 51, 52, or 54.

  • Carson Cunningham

    Did Smart’s one game in No. 43 pass Jason Keep in points?

  • Rmccaslin

    You lose me when u say Byron is not best 35. Dude is one of if not the top best cowboys regardless of number. Same with Tony, come on.
    Also Moses Marshall over Marcus…
    Interesting idea but I think u should eliminate the minutes played criteria and tally points, rebounds, assists and blocks.

  • okiewhaler

    OKC_Dave creates discussion-worthy post involving simply metrics, uniforms AND actual players who wear them, all whilst watching TV last night? Dude deserves a raise! OK, at least Pistol-Dad needs to buy you a cold beer more often – MGDs on KP!

  • Toby R.

    You should add a column for NBA minutes…